It is true I have spent a decade Loooong Summer around the globe and loved it, but the chilly Winter  also presents many cool -weather adventures from A to Z even when I have to bundle up  and get my mufflers, scarves, hoodies, booties and coats to work!

Whether it is playing with snow, shoveling it, making snow angels or snow man or simply enjoying the cool temperatures while sightseeing around new destinations or sitting down,WINTER is ADVENTURE for a warm -bloodied me in these places, during celebrations...around the globe.

A Amazing Arizona (USA) 

My first ever taste of this WINTER is ADVENTURwas in  Arizona, USA  when my mission friend Dana Cummings drove me around Las Vegas-Utah-Arizona checking sites like Lake Powell and Glen Canyon Dam.  

B Beijing Winter (China)

My very first trip in Beijing was in New Year of 2008 when temperatures was below zero in this  capital city of China. Although it was surprisingly cold for me, WINTER is ADVENTURE with array of great places to visit for photo ops with ice berg. It was so much fun walking on frozen lakes and crossing paths which in the summer can only be reached by boat. Since then I knew that even some Asian countries can have cold months.

C - Christmas Celebration (New Jersey,USA) 

If you are like me  who long for  White Christmas, then WINTER is ADVENTURE since this well - celebrated holiday coincides with the cold months! I checked this off my list only last December 25, 2011 while in New Jersey,USA. Although it was fairly dry on the actual Christmas Day, the snow flakes came in January, letting me experience the white thingy snow while still there. 

D Digging snow in Alton (Utah, USA)

Because Alton,Utah in the USA, gets a lot of snow in November to FebruaryWINTER is ADVENTURE there for a snow bunny like me! Not only I can practice Digging snow to make a pathway at the lovely mountain chalet of my former boss Jim and Bonnie Pollock, but also I can make nice -looking snow angels with the soft velvety snow! The whole place is such a huge winter playground for snow bunnies!!

E - Enrolling in Harvard (Boston,USA)

Everybody wants to go to Harvard, the oldest and most reputable institution of higher learning located in Boston, Massachusetts in the US and I am no exception. But since it is hard to get in (because of the admission requirements and the cost which is one of the highest in the US among private institutions), I grabbed the chance to be in Harvard without actually Enrolling by attending the annual J. Reuben Clark Law Society Conference held in February 2009. Being in Harvard proves that  WINTER is ADVENTURE not only because I can claim being in the alma mater of most US Presidents and Nobel Prize winners but also because of the historic and exciting places to visit around this world-renowned university. 

FFather Duffy Square & Sightseeing in Big Apple (NY, USA) 

Since Autum of 2008, WINTER is ADVENTURE in Father Duffy Square, an expansive public plaza welcoming visitors from around the globe located at northern triangle of Times Square between 45th & 47th streets, Broadway in New York City. But don't just sit down. Head to the TKTS glassed-in sales center and buy a greatly -reduced theater tickets for your favorite Broadway shows. I assure you, the freezing temperature outside will not be felt inside the theater. But not only that! The Big Apple is a place for that WINTER to remember with all the sightseeing options around - Manhattan Circle Line Tour, Ellis Island, Empire State Building, Central Park, etc.!

G - Great Wall in Beijing (China)

Conquering the Great Wall tops my "must-do" list during my trip in Beijing,  China last January 2008. And because it was cool, ascending the summit on the Badaling side was easier without sweat. I can only reminisce the great feeling  I had at the peak. Truly WINTER is ADVENTURE up there!

H Hobbiton in Matamata (NZ)

Seeing Hobbiton, a village in the fictional Middle Earth described in J.R.R. Tolkien's works, in a sheep farm in Matamata proves that WINTER is ADVENTURE in New ZealandI was so mesmerized with the "party tree" (large pine tree where Frodo would disappear when he touches the Ring perfectly placed in front of the lake), decorated hobbit holes, gardens, bridge, The Mill and The Green Dragon, to be exactly how they appeared in the LOTR trilogy.

I Ice-skaling in Tasmania

WINTER is ADVENTURE in Tasmania (Australia), the so - called Island State with the kick off of its Antarctic Midwinter Festival in Hobart around June 19 to June 28. This annual event celebrates the unique connections the Island State has with Antarctica, the world's last great wilderness. For those with sweet tooth like me, a taste of the Chocolate Winterfest in Latrobe, Northwest Tasmania is a true WINTER treat!

J - Jumping for Joy in London (England,UK) 

As the 2012 Olympic Games' hostWINTER is ADVENTURE in London, England with opportunity to visit not only the sites for the Olympic games, but doing a jumpshot at the must - visit tourist attractions which can be enjoyed even when temperature goes below zero like the Big Ben, London Eye, Buckingham Palace, Palace of Westminster, Tower of London, etc.

K Kiwiland Adventures (New Zealand)

WINTER is ADVENTURin Kiwiland or in other words, New Zealand as I conquered my dream destination in June 2012. 

L Loving Lincoln (England) 

WINTER is ADVENTURin this historic city of Lincoln, England as I hop from one tourist attractions to the next, and enjoying the photo ops and appreciating the architectural beauty of the iconic Lincoln Cathedral and Lincoln Castle among other tourist attractions in the second largest county of England. 

M Melbourne Fun (Australia) 

WINTER is ADVENTURE in Melbourne, Australia.  

N New Year's Day (USA) 

Another holiday that makes WINTER is ADVENTURis New Year  and there's no better way celebrating it than seeing the historic ball drop in Times Square.

O Ocean Parks Adventures (Global)

WINTER is ADVENTURinside the many Ocean Parks around the globe like this one in Hongkong.  

P Philly's Pioneers (Philadelphia, PA, USA)

WINTER is ADVENTURin Philadelphia in Pennsylvania, the so-called Cradle of America. 

Q - Queen it over in New Plymouth 

Many times the cold winter will try to stop you from enjoying your destination. so those times is an opportunity to show whose the Queen (or king!). That's what I did in New Plymouth, so I was able to enjoy the highlights of the cleanest small city in the world cold for me, WINTER is ADVENTURwith array of great places to visit for photo ops with ice berg. It was so much fun walking on frozen lakes and crossing paths which in the summer can only be reached by boat. Since then I knew that even some Asian countries can have cold months. 

R Road Tripping Around East Coast (USA)
Going on a road trip maybe a bit challenging (with possibility of snowfall) during the winter months. But with the right preparation Road Tripping Around East Coast in the United States will prove that WINTER is ADVENTURE since there are holiday festivities and winter sports to enjoy. Plus, a snow - covered forest is such a site to behold! 

S - Sydney Solo Travel  (Australia) 

Although it was surprisingly cold for me, WINTER is ADVENTURin  Sydney, Australia as I embarked on my solo journey around this exciting city. 

T - Trolley Tour in Hershey (Pennsylvania,USA)

 Although it was surprisingly cold for me, WINTER is ADVENTURin Hershey, Pennsylvania as I travel around enjoying the yummy treats in this "sweetest place on earth". 

U Utah's Cool Surprises 

As my kind of destination for all seasons,WINTER is ADVENTURE in Utah, USA, with so many great places to visit to be a snow bunnies and meet warm friends. 

V Valentines Day (USA)

Valentines Day is another reason why WINTER is ADVENTURE! in New York City.

W Waitomo Caves (New Zealand)
WINTER is ADVENTURE in Waitomo, New Zealand because of its various caves which any travelers - young or old, can enjoy even during the coldest months of June to August in that part of the globe. Yes, I was inside the Waitomo Glowworm Caves last June 3, 2012, and was surprised to find a fully tiled cave that allows even children to appreciate and enjoy the thousands of magical glowworms during the tour itself and the boat ride, and "become a part of over 120 years of cultural and natural history".

X Xiamen, Hongkong,  Shanghai,  Macau Deals

WINTER is ADVENTURin Chinese cities like Xiamen, Shanghai, Macau and Hongkong. 

Y Your York (England) 

For history buff like me, WINTER is ADVENTUR in the historic city of York in England (United Kingdom) a Roman - named city "EBORACUM"founded in 71 AD. Historic feel was at its best within its two-mile walls checking the iconic York Minster, the  largest Gothic cathedral in Northern Europe, the Undercroft, Treasury and Crypt where Constantine was proclaimed Emperor and at Clifford's Tower, a proud symbol of the power of England's medieval kings. Then I started sweating out by climbing the 275 steps of the Minster's Central Tower for the best panoramic view and then exploring the interiors at JORVIK Viking Centre, the very site of  the 1,000 year old Viking city of Jorvik. For the finale, a ghost walk and tour for a spine - tingling experience that will haunt you forever is a must! 

Z-  Zion Tours (Salt Lake City,Utah)
Taking the free - guided tour around the 35 acresTemple Square in Salt Lake City, Utah (the main gathering place of Zion) is an experience to claim that  WINTER is ADVENTURsince the Temple Square is open to ALL visitors of all faiths from 9am to 9pm all-year round You can start with the Salt Lake Templethe centerpiece of the square and  the sixth temple completed by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints after more than 40 years. Then go to the North Visitor's Center, where you can see a cross-sectioned model of the temple and an interactive touchscreen  showing the rooms and the use of the rooms inside the temple. To see the beautiful Christus statue on display, head to the South Visitors Center. You can then proceed to the Conference Center, Joseph Smith Memorial Building, Beehive House and other buildings.

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