Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Sierra Vista Hotel Resort - Best Matrimonial Accommodation in San Fabian, Pangasinan

by: Mhe-anne L. Ojeda

Sunny days are here and found ourselves in the coastal town of San Fabian, Pangasinan after a days work, so a dip into the beach is in order! All we need to do is choose a private matrimonial accommodation and we are good to go. But after checking several hotel resorts listed in the San Fabian website located in Nibaliw West Beach, Mabilao Beach and Bolasi Beach, there is just one place that fits a couple like us who want to combine business and honeymoon ...err pleasure.

Taken last March 31, 2015
Where To Stay: Located in Nibaliw West Vidal, San Fabian, Pangasinan (only about three (3) minutes away from the San Fabian Municipal Hall where I have to visit first thing the next day)the Sierra Vista Beach Resort marries man-made modern amenities and the beach for the quick cool down after working. Unlike the other places which has either the beach or the pool open till about 10pm, Sierra Vista Beach Resort has a nice beachfront overlooking the endless South China Sea and outdoor swimming pools, one for kids and another for adults, which are opened for 24 hours. This is perfect for us, since we have very limited stay. 

The serene garden facility also housed several hexagonal room cottages with a thatched roof made of anahaw to create a modern version of our nipa huts. Depending on number of people and budget, you can choose room accommodations from a dormitory to twin beds or family suite. There is a restaurant,conference room, and an enclosed parking space.

Taken on March 19, 2015
Room To BookSierra Vista Beach Resortunlike the other accommodations which only cater to groups or families, offers an air-conditioned Matrimony Room cottage for couples. The room is equipped with a queen sized - bed, with white mattress and a white blanket, covered with pink and blue sheet for accent. For a more romantic feel, the white rattan furnitures like bed headboard, tv rack, and chairs have floral pink designs identical with the curtains that covers the glass walls.  A decent - sized LCD Plasma TV with cable channels, mirror, two lamp shades, two chairs and a built - in cabinet complete the couple sweet nook!

The bathroom is quite simple but it is spacious and  has a hot and cold shower (which seems to be a luxury as the nearby resorts do not have one). Towels for two, a pail and dipper, tissue papers and soaps are included free of charge.

Price: The Matrimony Room with all the inclusions above is P2,200 a night, even much cheaper than the Twin Bed accommodation for P2,500 also for two persons who are not a couple! Initially I thought the price was a bit high after paying only P1,800 at Star Monica Hotel, Resorts and Restaurant in Lingayen (without the beach). But after checking San Fabian PTA Hotel, Nibaleo, Shaira, Charissa, Lazy A, etc., the price is very reasonable. 

What To Do: If you get there early enough (since you can check in at Sierra Vista as early as 2pm), go head to the beach for swimming. The water will be cool at this time (haven't tried yet though), then wait for the romantic sunset before you head back to your room. But if you are like us who gets there a bit dark and tired, just walk or jog in the fine sand, or simply feel the cool breeze in the beach while taking selfie or coupie photos with your honey. 

After resting, cool down at the outdoor pool which to reiterate is open for 24 hours, and near the room cottages. You should be in your proper swimming attire to be able to use the pool and you can shower either in your room cottage or at the nearby shower room.

Insider Tip: Be sure to order your dinner before the restaurant closes at 8pm, and ask for room service. Food is cheap but delicious. 

We have stayed at Sierra Vista Hotel Resort twice this March 2015 and counting... until we are done with the business in the area.

Sunday, March 22, 2015

5 BIG Reasons Why Star Monica Hotel Resort -Lingayen is the Best Hotel for Business & Pleasure!

by: Mhe-anne L. Ojeda

Picture of Star Monica Hotel, Resorts and Restaurant from the hotel's Facebook site
Finding a good accommodation that fits my need as a business traveler, and the need of my husband (my driver and paralegal) for a bit of relaxation after a long drive (swimming, that is!), can be daunting, even if you are in Lingayen, the capital of Pangasinan located along the Lingayen Gulf. In my many past business trips in Lingayen (sans my hubby in the picture yet), I only stayed at Hotel Consuelo since the hotel is right across the Provincial Capitol where I do most of my business, and has reasonable rates for matrimonial bedroom (because I love big beds!) at P1,100 (standard) / P2000 (deluxe) with free use of swimming pool. The other options El Puerto Marina Beach Resort is quite expensive where a Bungalow Queen is priced at P3,240 a night, but its beach activities won't disappoint. So when I found myself with Red in Lingayen on a Wednesday night, I was at a loss initially until someone at El Puerto (which luckily was fully booked that night) referred us to check a new hotel resort and restaurant called Star Monica Hotel, Resorts and Restaurant!

Star Monica Hotel, Resorts and Restaurant located at National Highway, Brgy. Quibaol Lingayen, Pangasinan, is a gem. It is a modern, stylish and newest hotel resort in Lingayen, which was opened only during the last quarter of 2014. So far, it is my personal bet as the best accommodation (in Lingayen and Pangasinan) for couples who want to combine business and pleasure like us! 

Here are my FIVE (5) BIG REASONS why Star Monica Hotel Resort deserves FIVE STARS:

1. KING - SIZED BEDS with firm, white mattress. A queen - sized bed was fine when I was single of course, but being married to a big guy, King-sized bed is a default travel bed for us, which of course is hard to find in many hotels. But at Star Monica, King-sized bed is king and can be found in all its Executive Rooms and Deluxe Rooms!! 

2. SPACIOUS ROOM with GOOD AMENITIES - a good - sized flat screen TV with cable channels, new air-con, mini refrigerator with mini bar, dining table, full-screen mirror, ample drawers and closet space, and a pleasant fabric window curtains, with another layer that blocks the light are some amenities that impress me about Star Monica Hotel.

3. GOOD-SIZED MODERN BATHROOM - And the bathroom! Ah, I love its personal touches that many hotels didn't have like a make - up mirror that lights, clothesline to hang wet bathing suits, and an 8 " square frame, rainfall design shower head with good water pressure to name a few. White towels, white slippers, soaps and tissue paper are provided free - of-charge!

The view from our room terrace
4. OLYMPIC - SIZED SWIMMING POOL for adults, a kiddie pool and an outdoor jacuzzi which you can see from your Executive and Deluxe room terraces are better than they look! The pool water is a bit salty, so you feel like you are swimming at the beach, and the water is warm so you can enjoy night - swimming after a long days work without worries (of getting "pasma" lol)! And most of all, checked-in guests can use these pools at no extra-charge, from morning until 11 in the evening!

5. VERY REASONABLE ROOM RATES - All features from 1-4 plus facilities that includes a nice restaurant that serves great food, fast for 24-hours, Darts, Cottages, Bar / Videoke Room, Safety Deposit Box, Photocopy, fax and mailing services can be enjoyed when you book an Executive Room at P1,800 or a Deluxe Room for P1,500, both for 2 persons. For family or big groups, Star Monica offers Superior Twin Rooms (P2000 /4 persons); Nipa Hut Family Room (P3,500 / 6 persons) and Dorm Room for P600 per person.

With Star Monica Hotel, Resorts and Restaurant, combining business and pleasure need not be tricky!

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