Sunday, October 19, 2014

Taiwan 101: Three (3) Quirky Foodies - Yucky, Naughty & Smelly! Which One Can You Handle?

by: Mhe-anne L. Ojeda - Isidro

Taiwan doesn't disappoint if your taste buds are ready for some off the wall, outrageous foodie experiences. I have listed three (3) quirky food presentations - one is yucky, the other is naughty and another is smelly. Which of the three (3) I was able to try? Find out this one journey to foodie gutsy-iness:

Toilet 2 - Strawberry Ice Cream Shaved Ice (NT $120)
Modern Toloet Address: (2F,7, Ln. 50, Xining S. Rd., Taipei City
Ice Cream parfait served on Taiwan's women toilet bowl (NT $ 120) and cola drinks served on men's urinal (NT $ 120) are just some of the quirky stuff served at the Modern Toilet Theme Restaurant in Ximen District in Taipei City. As the name implies, you'll expect that food on the menu are link to something "toilet-y'" and served on different miniature toilet bowls, urinals and tubs. Since we already had a full dinner at Taipei 101, we only have room for desserts and drinks. We ordered Toilet 2, an strawberry filled ice shaving with ice cream on top, raisins, small round bread and crispiesIf food presentation does not spoil your appetite, this is such a tasty generous dessert you can order (just don't imagine actual toilet you've seen before while eating!). At NT $ 120, this is a pretty good deal (considering bubble milk tea and shaved ice concoctions in Taipei cost as much for a small portion). However, the coca cola for the same price as the ice shaving is very expensive since it is only NT $ 20 at nearby vending machines.

Entrance of Modern Toloet and Actual Toilets Seating Inside
I heard about this bathroom-toilet themed resto long before our trip to Taipei, and although I am very picky with food, I thought I should try this even once in my lifetime. Glad we had the chance on our last night in Taipei (October 10) to visit the Modern Toloet after a bit of finding following the tourist map. We had fun snapping photos of the actual unused toilet bowls used as seats and the poo - inspired decors of this modern resto.

Stall Selling Naughty Corn Dog in Shihlin Night Market

Penis - Shaped Waffle Corn Dogs is another quirky Taiwanese foodie where I am putting my reputation on check (lol). Despite the odd shape, this is just an ordinary corn dog which is a very popular street food in Taiwan. For kinky feel, the corn dog is wrapped in hotcake batter that is shaped into a male private part which became an instant hit for girls. I didn't try one (for obvious reason) so I can't tell you what it taste like, but in your trip to Taipei you can find a lot in Shihlin Night Market or Ximending.  

One Stall Selling Stinky Tofu inside the Shihlin Night Market Food Court
I really loved tofu, but I can't handle Taipei's traditional, smelly fermented bean curd called Stinky Tofu being sold in Night Markets. It smells like rotten meat or garbage, so even taking pictures was a challenge because I have to cover my nose and walk fast whenever we pass by stalls selling stinky tofu. My friend ate Cristy Antonio has got her bragging rights for taking the plunge and tasting this smelly snack and finding it very delicious. But I wasn't convinced hahaha. Stinky Tofu are sold either fried, steamed, or stewed.

How about you? Are you gutsy enough to try all or one of these Taiwanese foodie during your visit to Taiwan? 


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  2. Taiwan is one of the favourite destinations in Asia. It has a deep influence of its culture and hospitality and the food are very delicious and affordable.


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