Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Dim sum: Small Easts Feasting That Touches Our Hearts (and Stomachs)

by: Mhe-anne L. Ojeda

My husband and I travel a lot for work and so our meal time is usually sporadic and quick. During these times, it is a good thing that we could grab and enjoy a "touch of heart" or Dim sum from three (3) of Chinese restaurants - Hap Chan Tea House, David's Tea House and Yang Chow, for the so-called fast "small eats" feasting. 

Dimsum is a traditional Cantonese food preparation consisting of variety of dumplings, steamed and fried dishes served in small basket steamers, and usually paired with tea. But since we don't drink tea, we usually have our dim sum with ripe mango shake, either congee or soup, and add plain or fried rice and meat viand with our orders. 

Hap Chan Tea House in Lipa City
Hap Chan Tea House is an authentic Hongkong Tea House which started in Manila with a small store in 1997. To date, it has fifty - five (55) branches nationwide. We frequented at their branches in Lipa City, Urdaneta, Pangasinan, Katipunan (Quezon City) and in Eton Centris in Quezon City.

Dimsum Galore: Chicken Feet, Hakaw, Spareribs
with Tausi Sauce paired with Hot & Sour Soup, Ripe Mango shake
I love Hap Chan's Hot & Sour Soup (P200 -small) since it is flavorful and just enough sourness to tickle both tongue and my empty tummy. For dim sum, we ordered Hakaw (P100) chicken feet (P85), and Spareribs with Tausi (P85) which are perfect to eat with plain rice and ripe mango shake (P75). Our meal is so filling that it can easily translate into a full meal but feels light on the wallet and easy to digest!

David's Tea House in Calamba City
David's Tea House 

With twenty one (21) branches in the Philippines, it is easy to spot this resto to experience the taste of Hongkong. We dined at the David's branch in Calamba City twice and have tried their version of the Hot and Sour Soup and a separate orders of their dim sum (4 pieces each) before we learned of their Dim sum Platter.

We love their  Assorted Dimsum Platter for only P230 since we can each have a piece of six (6) different types of dim sum like sharks fin dumpling, shrimp siomai, hakaw, fried spring rolls, kuchai dumpling and beef balls (for Red).  We also ordered the Nido with Quail Egg soup (P260) which is sooo good, Yangchow Fried rice (P205), spare ribs with tausi, and ripe Mango Shake (P95).

Yang Chow at Shopwise Libis, Quezon City
Yang Chow Dimsum and Teahouse (not sure if it is the same as the resto here in the Philippines)

When I missed a meal and my stomach can only take soft and light fare, Yang Chow in Libis or Eton Centris are the destinations that come to mind. I like their various "congee" which cost between P100 to P120 depending on the flavors.

I ordered the Asado Congee (P100), Mango Shake (P80) and of course their Dimsum Platter which consist of an assortment of fried spring roll, shrimp siomai, kuchay dumpling, Japanese siomai, hakaw, and sharksfin dumpling for only P220, slightly cheaper than the platter of Davids.

With dim sum's plentiful assortment and these Chinese Tea Houses around, I can have a little of everything in a snap. No more missed meals for me despite the busy schedule.

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