Sunday, April 6, 2014

Selfie Alphabet: Finland!

by: Mhe-anne L. Ojeda

"Long before Oxford Dictionaries declared the word Selfie as its 2013 word of the year, I have already been taking a photograph of countries I visited with me in the photo. I am featuring all my selfie photos in alphabetical order! (For the introductory post check this link on Australia)

Today's feature is FINLANDa large and sparsely populated country in Northern Europe bordered by Russia to the East, Norway to the North and Sweden to the West. In July 2007, my good friend Beth (& her then hubby Roland), Atty. Jojie, Sheena and I took an overnight cruise aboard Silja Serenade  from Stockholm to Helsinki, the capital and largest city of Finland. As it was our first trip together, most of our Helsinki photos are group shots! 

In front of Helsinki Cathedral in Helsinki, Finland

But I scored a selfie in front of the Helsinki Cathedral, a bright white with green domes neoclassical building towering above Senate Square. Known in Finnish as Tuomiokirkko, this distinctive symbol of Finland's capital is actually the Finnish Evangelical Lutheran cathedral designed by Carl Ludvig Engel and built in 1830-1852 for the Diocese of Helsinki. Today, the cathedral is one of Helsinki's most popular attractions not only for tourists who attend religious events (as the church is still in regular use  for services worship and special events like weddings) , but also for those who love to take photos, just like me!


  1. I think that people were doing selfies looong before they even invented the word. However, your Finnish selfie is very optimistic and makes everyone smile. Thanks for sharing a piece of history! What was the thing you most liked about Finland?

    1. Hello Marcia Taams dear. Thank you for checking out this post and for your interesting comment about my "optimistic" smile. I am glad you see the picture that way. I still do not know though why my fingers are like that! haha. This is part of a series that I thought to get me back into blogging since I haven't written in sooo long. I hope it inspire others too in some way. I have only gone around Helsinki and like its being a compact city that I was able to check out on foot!!


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