Thursday, February 13, 2014

Satisfying My Latest Craving: Pork Sisig!

by: Mhe-anne L. Ojeda

I'm really picky with what I eat, but I also have the weirdest appetite (and that has nothing to do with having a baby lol).When I like something (no matter how gross it appears or looks to others), I'll be eating the same food over and over again until I am "tired of it" (or umay in Tagalog). So what's my craving this time? Pork Sisig!

Pork Sisig or better called as Sizzling Sisig (because this dish is usually served on sizzling plate) is a very popular Filipino appetizer (esp. for beer drinkers, of which I am not). For me it is "ulam" for lunch or dinner! And since it is made of chopped pig head, ears and liver, it may not sit in well with my American friends, but believe me it is really delicious. Sometimes, sisig is topped with soft sunny side-up egg and seasoned, with lemon (calamansi) and pepper

It is not difficult to satisfy my latest craving anytime of the day and anywhere I go! From simple carinderia to finest restaurants, you can surely spot sisig in their menu! I tried it in Little Quiapo in Quezon City, Icebergs in Manila and Paranaque, Gerry's Grill in Nuvali, Paseo de Sta. Rosa Open Resto, Sizzler Barbeque Resto in Greenhills, Atoy's Pork Sisig - Sta. Rosa, Laguna, Spare Strike Carinderia in Pasay City and even in hospital's canteen where we are frequenting at this time.

With the many Sisig I've tried, I conclude that there's many ways to cook this dish. I prefer my sisig a bit salty and hot with lots of chili and with the meat finely chopped and moist. I don't like to taste anything sweet from mayonnaise or pineapple juice. So far, the Sisig from Little Quiapo is my favorite for now!

What's your latest cravings?

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