Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Christmas 2013: A Gift of Friendship...and Snow Balls & More!

by: Mhe-anne L. Ojeda

Christmastime is definitely a time for friends and what better way for me to celebrate it than with a surprised visit of one of my closest friends - Leily Tumulak! It is Leily’s first visit here in the Philippines after five (5) years of staying in Colorado, USA. Sure, I have visited her in Aspen, Colorado in summer of 2011, but her visit here is more fun because it also means holiday time with our other common single friends – Jean Marcaida, Grace Gannaban and Ping Olivare. We bonded over food and salon pampering!

Luk Yuen and Snow Balls.

From the airport, we brought all of Leily's stuff (* and picked our pasalubong yeahey!) at Jean's place, and then proceeded to the nearby Cash and Carry where we found Luk Yuen inviting for our late lunch and early dinner. Leily loved and missed siopao so she ordered two servings, steamed pork siomai (4pcs. P100), yang chow fried rice (P150 each serving), sweet and sour pork (P240), peppercorn spare ribs (P240), hot and sour soup (small-P95), golden fried chicken (half - P260) and vegetables in season in oyster sauce (P100). We each ordered our fave drinks - ripe mango shake for my husbdand Red and Leily, green mango shake (for me!), coke (for Grace) and water for Jean (she's trying to reduce weight haha!).

And since our total bill exceeded P700, we were given six (6) snow balls for free! Snow Balls are little round - shaped palitaw filled with mung beans and tasted really yummy!

Salon PAaaarty Pampering!!

And now that our stomachs are filled, our next bonding moment is to take care of our feet, nails and hair! We headed to Jean's fave salon for foot spa with pedicure and manicure (P350) and hair cut (P120). For Leily, she also had hot oil. We stayed at the salon for about two (2) hours, chatting just about anything!

We wrapped up the night with our favorite Starbucks' choco chip cream and strawberry.

I can say that being with Leily, Jean, Ping and Gracey was pure pampering bliss and a gift of genuine friendship!

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