Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Celebrating Christmas With Our Family!

by: Mhe-anne L. Ojeda

On our first Christmas eve as a couple, my whole family celebrated with us, as in all previous Christmases when I was still single. This time though, the brother of Raymond,Paul and some relatives of Kuya Mike & Ate Amy's family also joined. We see to it that we have Christ in our celebration by having a two-part Family Home Evening program!

We had our own version of Christmas Symbol Sing - Along Program, where the ten (10) kids modeled/held the miniature angel, innkeeper, three shepherds, three wise men, Joseph and Mary while the adults read their parts/messages and sing all the songs from the hymns.

After the program, we had dinner. We decided to just have enough we could consume for the noche buena to avoid spoilage. We had three roasted chicken from Joel's poultry and stuffed fish, all cooked in our convection oven we got as wedding gift. We also have pasta with a choice of either spaghetti or carbonara sauce, fried siopao, fruit salad, and pork adobo. Everyone was filled!

We have an impromptu dance talent presentation - four groups of three. First group is Jay-A with Shan & Frannie dancing Whoops Kiri, followed by the group of Ian with Jay-M and James to the tune of What Does the Fox Say?, then by Alliune with Mitch and Shane also Whoops Kiri and last presentation was Gentleman by Kyle's group who was joined by her mom Imee and Papa since I only have ten nieces and nephews (coz Justin is too young). It was the wackiest part of the program (I'm sure you'll agree when you watch the videos). The over-all winner in the showdown is the group of Kyle (coz Red was biased lol). Special awards were also given - the group of Ian, Jay - M and James as the wackiest group, while the best dancer is Alliune for female and Jay - A as the best dancer for male.

Then we had our traditional family gift exchange Monito - Monita with a little twist. Instead of just buying gifts to the person they picked up, the giver also have to perform a service or make something for the person. Most of the younger kids said they will no longer tease or fight with the person throughout the year lol.

For the adults, we opted to have a gift exchange by couples instead of by individuals since I am already married. It was only because of me that we have individual gift exchange in the past so we all agreed to my sister - in-law Bhebe's suggestion.

We also raffled six gift packs for each of the family of Kuya Mike, Allan, Joel, Papa &Mama, one needy Relief Society and one needy Elders Quorum we have chosen! And last, I and Raymond as Santa gave gifts of sweets and cash to everyone present. For the kids though, we also got each of them a gift!

Truly a meaningful and merry first Christmas as a couple which I want to carry throughout all our married years!

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