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Travel Souvenirs: Stuffed Toys and More...

by: Mhe-anne L. Ojeda

got this Pinoy Teddy from a hotel resto in Cebu!
I love teddy bears! I could hardly imagine what my life would be like without these eager listeners, confidantes, and loyal friends! So when I started traveling,  I make sure to get myself or ask someone to buy me one of these teddies or animal stuffed toy to take home as souvenirs or Pasalubong. 

My collection of teddy bears grow, from one small teddy bear that my aunt gave me, to more than a hundred of various kinds and sizes from different countries. Because of my collection, I was interviewed and featured as stuffed toy collector in the Pasalubong  segment of Kara David in the  State of the Nation Address by Jessica Soho being aired in GMA News TV Channel 11 from 9pm to 10pm daily. 

I am fascinated with stuffed toys with the country name in it, or the airline carrier stuffed toy symbol. I also have the country animal collection, the   Shangrila Hotels stuffed toys that come in free with their drink of the month and some stuffed toys for the occasions like Christmas and Halloween.

Country-Named Stuffed Toy: 
I have to buy one in countries I visited and accept gifts from friends from other countries. I hope to complete my collections from the seven continents of the world - Asia, Africa, North America, South America, Europe, Australia and Antarctica though I know it would be a long shot (even a lifetime dream!). For now though here’s what I’ve got:

North America and South America
I have been to at least 25 states of the USA (but only have New York and Boston teddy bears) and also been in Canada but wasn't able to get a toy with Canada in it.

Asia and Africa
So far I only have stuffed toy from Bahrain, Qatar (courtesy of my CS guest Nabil), Hongkong, Vietnam and Philippines, although I have been to eleven (11) other countries of Asia – Borneo, Brunei Darussalam, Cambodia, China, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, Singapore, South Korea, Taiwan and Thailand.

I have been to seven (7) countries in Europe namely France (Paris), Sweden (Arlanda, Stockholm, Timra, Ackersjon),  Norway (Trondheim), Finland (Helsinki), Netherlands (Amsterdam), United Kingdom (England) and Germany (Frankfurt). I am lucky to have a stuffed toy in each country!
Australia and Pacific
I have been to Guam,  Australia (Sydney, Melbourne and Tasmania) and New Zealand (Auckland, Hamilton, Hobbiton, New Plymouth and Waitomoo) and got a stuffed toy from each place.

Airlines Plush Toy Symbol:- British Airways, Continental Airlines, Cathay Pacific, Tiger Airways, Dragon Air, Cebu Pacific, Korean Air, China Airlines and DOHA Air. The irony, however, is that the airlines where I am a mileage elite frequent -Northwest (now Delta Airlines) and Philippine Airlines both don't have one. Sad!

The Lobster Stuffed Toy From Shangrila
Shangrila Hotel Stuffed Animals: - I have 3 Ox, 1 tiger, 1 goat, 2 dolphins, 1 lobster, and 2 Dalmatian.

Various Stuffed Animals: -include a giraffe, panda, koala bear, tiger, black dog, kangaroo, elk, etc.of various sizes..

Teddies are really just like friends so I had a cabinet constructed for my teddy bears inside my room! On a sad day when I have no one to talk to, just looking at my collections drives the bad moods away.  I could easily count my blessings and see how our Heavenly Father has been so good to me so why feel discourage? I thought to myself.

This is my entry to the July 2013 PTB Blog Carnival Memorable Travel Souvenirs, Objects being hosted by Jun Baris of Galangpusa Blog

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