Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Pre-Nup Shoot? D-I-Y is More Fun in Boracay! (Part III)

by: Mhe-anne L. Ojeda

From Bulabog Beach, we move on to the famous White Beach of Boracay to capture the blue water, multi-colored people, fine white sands, artistic sandcastles, kaleidoscopic view and stunning sunset! 
Flash Mob! We didn't talk to any of these people to be part of the shoot, but they seem to be prepared and wear our motif colors. Look at her slippers!

I can't believe we are now our third outfit change for our Do-It-Yourself (D-I-Y) Pre - Wedding Photoshoot here in Boracay! Surprisingly, I didn't get any complaints from the man in the house and not much cajoling is needed to get him into those outfit changes and poses hahaha. Oh well, guess he is enjoying the "touching" during our exploratory shoot capturing Philippine flags, sailboats and musical notes and the "kissing" while on board a boat to do Helmet Diving (lol). Seriously, it is the spontaneity, the no-fuzz and the no - props features of a D-I-Y Prenup that makes it ideal for us! (and it didn't cost us anything more than what we already have!)

White Beach is the most famous of the 12 beaches comprising Boracay and has 4 kilometer long beach and footpath. Accommodations of all types and restaurants lined up along its full length up and down. It is divided into three sections called "boat stations" which has reference to the drop off points for boats years back, although now the boat stations are no longer existing. I was actually surprised to learn that there's just one place for passengers to get off and take tricycle to chosen hotel by the White Beach.

Day 2 - White Beach [Boat Station 1]
Time of Shoot: 5pm
Outfit: Green Hawaiian tees by Ducks Unlimited [Greenhills], Red's white beach pants from D'Mall Boracay and my old white beach pants from US
Sandcastle: Made by two 11 -year old kids for a tip of Php 150.

For the photo shoot, we chose Boat Station 1 as it is home to most luxurious hotels and where the beach is said to be the widest and the sand is at its finest . Maybe that's the reason why the kids finished this sandcastle in just a few minutes since the sand easily sticks when wet. 
Ok much of the prenup photos. Boracay will not be complete without us dipping into the cool blue waters.

Boat Station 2 


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