Sunday, June 23, 2013

Pre-nup Shoot? D-I-Y is More Fun in Boracay (Part II)

by: Mhe-anne L. Ojeda

For our first day of D-I-Y prenuptial shoot in Boracay, we scored some photos with Philippine - Flags, sail boats and musical notes along Bulabog Beach. The pictures are decent and we were not forced to act like this and like that or felt rushed in any way, since we have no photographers or make - up artists to work with during limited hours of shoot. We were spontaneous and simply had fun clicking and posing when we find something that blends with our wedding theme and concept - "Love is "The Cure": Our Journey To Forever".

Day 2 - Morning 
Location: In front of La Oviedo Villa Resort
Time of shoot: 9am
Photographer: Mark (not my ex-beau but a friendly hotel staff who volunteered to take our photos)
Attire: couple tees by Ducks Unlimited (Greenhills) and shorts by Sports store in Greenhills
Slippers: I got mine in Boracay (Ipanema for P100)

Mr. Tripod started his day early by taking this photo just outside our room.
La  Oviedo Villa Resort Boracay is a far cry from the plush hotel usually involving  pre-nup location shoots but it is perfect for our needs and that's what matters. We got a MetroDeal voucher from my travel blogger friend that allows us 3-days/2-nights stay for two in a deluxe spacious room, fully equipped with aircon, hot and cold shower, refrigerator, TV and free internet WiFi connection and use of kitchen for those who wants to cook. More, we found our color motif right at the door step!

Korean peg for our dream shot (lol). Possible only with Mark as our photographer.
Boracay is a haven for water enthusiast and there are lots of activities to chose from both in and out of the water. Since we do not have an underwater camera but love to have some pictures underwater, we opted to go Helmet Diving since the fee of P700 each person  comes with a free CD of our video and pictures while underwater. Besides, I haven't tried helmet diving before and this is a good start for Red who haven't tried any water sport yet.

From Bulabog shore, we were taken to a floating anchored barged in the middle of the  sea. Travel  time was like 5 minutes and for the whole time Mark has been taking our pictures!

Location: Boat near the platform for Helmet Diving
Time of shoot: 10:30 am
Photographer: Mark (staff of the hotel)

even the barge has our motif colors!

On this colorful barge, we were taught the hand signals to communicate while on the water since once the helmet is on, you cannot be heard even if you shout! From the platform, we were brought down the ladder to shoulder level of water and fit a helmet that goes down to our shoulders. When the helmet was on, we descended further on the ladder until we reach the sea floor where we could walk and breath normally like you would do if out of water. It was a fun experience to see, play and feed colorful fishes. We were given bread to feed the fishes to attract more fish before taking the pictures. (note: i'll post some pics once I transferred the pictures from the CD to this computer). 

photo caption by my friend Neal Minosa

We left the platform barge feeling like Jack and Rose of Titanic (only much luckier and happier!) And Red scoring and stealing a kiss!

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