Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Hello Europe:Hello Love

by: Mhe-anne L. Ojeda

EUROPE is a romantic destination, so they say. But it is not true that  you need to be with someone to taste a slice of the cake called LOVE.  Here are Six (6)  European Countries  that I have visited where even "singles" or "unattached" travelers like me can say hello to love this Valentines Day or beyond!


No more Lover in Paris, France? Fall In Love with Notre Dame!
Paris is synonymous to romance so I took the plunge, found myself in love with my then traveler beau, got lost with the stunning views of the Louvre, River Sienne, Arc de Triomphe, Champs - Elysees, Montmartre and became Lovers In Paris with the Eiffel Tower as backdrop for a first monthsary thingy. But now that the mushiness is over, can singles (like me!) still find  love in Paris? Definitely!
Move over to Notre Dame de Paris (or Our Lady of Paris in English) and fall in love with this world's largest, well-known and finest Gothic architecture standing on the Île de la Cité, the symbolic heart of the city. If you're in good shape, take 387 steps (to singlehood!) without elevator, and have a breathtaking view of the river and this ever charming city. If you come in August 14 & 15 of every year, celebrate your single hood with the Blessed Virgin Mary in the Feast of the Assumption Procession. With nearly 150,000 worshipers, pilgrims and visitors from around the world who participate, it doesn't matter whether you are alone or with someone!

Put a <3 heart  on  Helsinki, Finland. Order Kamp Love!
In my post Helsinki, Finland: Summer on Foot you get the idea that Finland's capital bustles with life in the summer time with an array of attractions like  Market Square, Senate Square, the Helsinki Cathedral, the University of Helsinki, the National Library of Finland and the Government Palace to choose from. But what's in store for singles on hearts' day in cold winter? 

Dine in Hotel Kamp in the heart of Helsinki where excellent service is a matter of heart! As the the only 5-star  hotel in Helsinki and the most luxurious and most expensive in the five Nordic countries, it is no surprise that Hotel Kamp is a popular honeymoon destination. But since you aren't in that stage yet, no need to eat your heart out! Hotel Kamp has paid attention to Valentine's Day for just friends  with their three different menu versions called Kamp Love. Order some loving and let your taste buds put you in a dreamy spell for the One!

You are  not alone in Dam Square in Amsterdam, Netherlands 
In the heart of Amsterdam (or a dam in the river Amstel) lies  the 17th-century canals which were added to the UNESCO World Heritage List in July 2010Although more popular for lovers, singletons should never miss out on this romantic experience cruising along Amsterdam's oasis of loveTo hide the insecurities of being alone in the plethora of kissing couples, find a baby tee shouting "I'm smart that's why I'm single"! 
"I'm smart that's why I'm single"
If you cannot don a proud single tee, just head to Amsterdam attractions where you can get lost in the dizzying number of people like the Dam Square, The Dungeon, Maddam Tassuads Wax Museum, Anne Frank Haus, etc. and you will never feel alone!


For romance on the road experiences during the summer or winter, my single recommendation is head to Trondheim, the historic capital of Norway!  In the summer, I find it truly romantic and unforgettable to watch thsun set at quarter past midnight while on the road. This phenomenon is called the Midnight Sun,  where the sun remains visible at the local midnight or for a continuous 24 hours given a fair weather in the whole country. But if you miss this exotic "white" night, opt for a romantic "white" day during snowy winter along the Trondheimfjord, the third largest fjord in Norway by the  Norwegian sea. A fjord is a long, narrow inlet with steep sides or cliffs, created in a valley carved by glacial activity.


Love Affair in Akersjon, Jamtlands Lan in Sweden
Singletons can keep their love affair (with nature!) on its toes in Sweden whatever the weather. Head to Akersjön - the so called "last wilderness in Europe".In the summer from May through October, find your perfect thrill amid its great natural surroundings, wild flowers, crisp air, beautiful hills and abundant wild berries! Like me, you will surely keep telling your Blueberrylicious Experience while snacking on ice cream with blueberry jelly and syrup.

In winter, score a romantic action - packed adventures around the Swedish mountains, forests and frozen lakes with the lovable dogs, toboggan, snowshoe, snow scooter, or snow mobile as your perfect match! At night, get cozy inside a Swedish cottage (cabin) with sauna for warming up great. 

Timra's romantic offering is the fairytale castle-like building built in 1883–1885 as the summer residence for the timber magnate Fredrik Bünsow called Merlo Slott. The beautiful castle is now a listed ancient monument and the rooms are well -preserved and worth seeing during a weekly guided tour all year - round. 
Dead Falls, Dead Love: Why?
In northern Sweden singles should drop by the municipality of Ragunda and figure out what happened to Döda Fallet (The dead waterfall) which used to be one of the most impressive waterfalls until 1796. It is sad to see that the Grand Rapid has dried out and is now extinct in a nature reserve. Ah! so much like love that could change its course and would be emptied in 4 hours!  But oh well, wrap up your visit at the King Chulalongkorn Memorial Building, a Thai royal pavilion built by the King of Thailand in honor of Swedish King Oscar II.

United Kingdom
I heart you Teddy!
London is the capital of England  and has nothing but Superlative Sights like British Museum, Buckingham Palace, London Eye, Westminster Abbey, Big Ben, etc.  Lincoln,on the other hand, is the historically colorful medieval town where you can see a cathedral, a castle, an abbey and several other Romans remains, while York is home to stunning architecture and attractions renowned for its Roman, Viking, and Medieval heritage like York Minster. Which of these key cities of England I consider as the most romantic and a great place to go for singles? 

I'd say it's the place where my (your) heart is! And since I love anything teddy bearsYork got my vote because of Stonegate Original Teddy Bears perfectly  placed in the heart of the oldest paved streets in the city.

Wish list: Since I have only been in the airport at Frankfurt, Germany, a romantic getaway on Valentines Day is in order. Putting it on my wishlist now. 

This is my entry for Carnival of Europe hosted by Aleah Taboclaon at Solitary Wanderer with the theme "Most Romantic Places in Europe".


  1. Great post, you have pointed out some superb details, I will tell my friends that this is a very informative blog thanks.

    1. thanks for visiting my blog and leaving comments. your's is nice too with nice real estate.

  2. I kinda got dizzy with all the colors!

    1. thank you for your honest feedback. i thought i would like to follow the colors on that heart i took in York, England to represent all the mixed cultures in European countries. Sorry that it didn't sit in well with the eyes.I will change the main color of the post.

  3. interesting romantic adventure. it would be cool to visit all of them on a february honeymoon. i have only been to london england, frankfurt germany, holland amsterdam, and oaris and french riveriera france. i have yet to see sweden, norway, finland, denmark, and iceland.

    1. yea it would be cold, but since you are in a honeymoon, you'll have human blanket to give the warmth and heat! haha.thanks for dropping by fifileigh. i also want to go to denmark and iceland!

  4. You really find Europe romantic, eh, you can't choose just one? haha I understand, it's such a beautiful continent! Thanks for joining the carnival!

    1. yea i can't choose now coz i'm single. but if the carnival is like last year you know that Paris and Amsterdam are my bets (yan, feeling nostalgic tuloy haha). but next Valentines Day 2014 i hope to go to Santorini and other parts of Europe that my former bf and i have not been to. going to check your compilation for the list! thanks for dropping by!


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