Monday, November 26, 2012

Sporty Chronicles For Coco Cravings...

by: Mhe-anne L. Ojeda

Alright. This is my first post for the month of November! Have I stopped traveling with my princess? Well, no! Fact is, I have been on the road every single day until now! What have we been up to?  Anything coconut.

Yes, the coconut bug hit my princess.  Not only she discovered the health benefits of virgin coconut oil which she began taking recently, but her November calendar is filled with all things coconut. From meeting her US client who is very interested and ready to order some virgin coconut oil from the Philippines to inspecting the manufacturing plant in Laguna to look into the business in a meaningful way to seeing up close and personal the coconut plantation in Bondoc Peninsula in Quezon Province and to meeting the farmers to understand costs of raw materials and dig into the business more deeply, I surely would go nuts with all these schedules (if I were not a toy!).

Well, my princess seems to be handling things so well esp. with Red driving us around and assisting her in the business. He even decided to resign from his job when my princess' driver resigned to work abroad. But there's one thing that actually made my princess go nuts - finding that all her pictures were erased from Red's cellphone camera! (main reason she hasn't blogged for so long!)

To cheer her up, Red brought my princess to Coconut House  located inside the Quezon City Memorial Circle (near the Commonwealth Entrance). Aww, there was everything coconut, even an ice cream hut filled with non-dairy (coconut milk) ice cream and sherbets (sorbetes). Inside, the menu is interestingly coconut too - from pampagana (desserts), tanghap (short for tanghalian and hapunan or lunch and dinner in English) to binalot.

My princess sampled the pansit buko (noodles made of young coconut strips) and a buko dessert sampler consisting of ice cream, suman with coconut syrup dip and buko salad.    There is also a small section in the resto dedicated to coconut products like virgin coconut oil (VCO), wine (lambanog), coconot soysauce, soaps, shampoos, coconut sugar, vinegar, coconut hats, bags, and my fave coconut skim milk.

At least for a moment, my princess forgot about the pictures and went nuts with coconuts. Why not? - After all it is the "miracle fruit" from the so-called "Tree of Life".

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