Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Sporty Chronicles: The First Saga...NUVALI

by: Mhe-anne L. Ojeda

They call me Sporty not only because of my athletic, outdoor, grumpy bulldog looks but primarily because I ride in my caregiver's Isuzu Sportivo which had been my home since I joined the family about two years ago. Unlike the hundred others of my type who are left in the house, I felt really blessed to be always going around - bringing kiddos to school, taking her to office and accompanying her in all her travels around Luzon - north to south. From where I sit, I have a real good view of our destination and can easily share my thoughts about the place with my caregiver, but...

I never have those intimate moments or close encounters with my princess the way I wanted, not because she doesn't care about me, but because she is amaxophobic or afraid of sitting in the driver's or front passenger's seat of the car. She just settled at the backseat (sometimes doing the backseat driving eh) and let me alone with the driver and anyone who loves sitting in front, to be appreciated. Sensing how lonesome I was, seven year - old Kyle gave me Aussie Sasha for a companion. But...

Sasha's touches are not as "hot" as my princess. Then Red came. He is like a knight in shining armor, who had turned my princess' world around and affected me too in a positive way. He is an old flame, who on their first day of meeting after 20 years, has swept her off her feet. He drives and she was inspired to overcome her phobia. Since then, she always look forward to going on a road trip and enjoy eating her favorite dimsum - pork siomai and siopao - while we drive. Because Red's house is in Sta. Rosa Heights (15 minutes from Tagaytay) on Tagaytay-Silang Road, we always passed by Nuvali. I was all smiles and can't help telling Sasha how cool it is to have a place like that where eco-living to the highest level is possible. On a personal side, having my caregiver that close felt so good - someone who caress me once in awhile as she giggled seeing the nice view and holding me tight when fear seeps in with Red's driving. It was all good and...

It ushered the start of my many travels... my happy, fun, Sporty Chronicles! 


  1. awwwww. so cute Ate M! Kala ko for a moment, you did like a run in Nuvali (they always have that there, diba?) Kaya sporty chronicles!Iba pala! heehee!

    1. thanks Eileen dear for dropping by my blog. yea I got you there! haha. Nuvali is such a great place to be, close pa dyan sa Cavite!

  2. I live in Sta. Rosa :-)....Nuvali is a breather from the the noisy metropolis

    1. Thanks Paula for dropping by my blog. talaga taga Sta. Rosa ka! naku magiging magkapit bahay na tayo!! lilipat ako sa Sta. Rosa Heights ung malapit sa Tagaytay after my wedding. kita kits tayo before then para makilala ko ang person behind the Out of The Blue poem which became the title of our first song composition!


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