Saturday, September 15, 2012

Travel Spotlight: Europe Transport in Colors

by: Mhe-anne L. Ojeda
Europe is a popular tourist destination, with good reasons and having a good transport system is definitely one of them. With cars, buses, trains, boats, cruise ships and airplanes you can easily go between cities and villages or go sightseeing in and around the various European countries. 
So for this long - finished blogging contest entitled Capture the Color, I summoned Aleah, the Solitary Wanderer to tag me along so I can focus in one post the color BlueGreenRedWhite and Yellow of the transportation I encountered or rode on while in AmsterdamFinlandNorwaySwedenParis, and England (LondonLincoln and York- a few countries I have been to in Europe!

Netherlands/Sweden/France (Paris)

Amsterdam in the Netherlands is not all red light districts and coffee shops, but also about BLUE Planes operating under its flag carrier KLM Royal Dutch Airlines, the oldest airline in the world! The standard body feature for KLM planes is sky blue with a white tail and there are about 204 of these aircrafts that use Amsterdam Airport Schiphol as a hub. As a Flying Blue member, I have flown on these BLUE airplanes four times during my European vacation in July 2007 and have received a wide range of special benefits and privileges with my Elite membership on this forefront of the European airline industry. 

Around London, England

I spotted this London's famous GREEN Double-Decker Bus  last February this year! Alright this bus is not actually painted with the color GREEN but it has a gust of greeness along it sides, with the message: "another red bus going green for London!" And that's not all. With a combination of diesel engine, using a 336 volt battery pack and electric power via a 120 kilowatt electric motor, the green bus offers a quieter, cleaner, more fuel efficient and more environmentally-friendly ways to travel around the capital of England. The green bus scheme is a pet project of London's Mayor, Boris Johnson aimed at reducing carbon emissions and getting London’s streets a little greener."

Source: Eco

Around Sweden/Trondheim, Norway

Top up or top down, it was a comfy, superior ride from Sundsvall, Sweden to Trondheim, Norway aboard this RED 2008 Volvo C70  in August 2007!  Behind the wheel of this RED hardtop convertible, which my Swedish friend owned a year prior to market launch,  I felt quite aggressive and painted the town RED in Europe! Check out my post  - 2008 Volvo C70 In A Hotseat to see the actual transformation and the inside trimmings of this modern, classy, refreshing and comfortable RED Car!

Stockholm, Sweden/Helsinki, Finland

My dream summer cruise vacation in Europe came true aboard a WHITE Cruiseferry owned by an Estonian shipping company operated on a route connecting Helsinki, Finland to Stockholm, Sweden via Mariehamn. MJ Silja Serenade is European's 6th largest passenger cruise ship with WHITE seal's eye and  blue outline steel funnel livery.  Its outer decks are painted green and the light box with the ship's name is blue. Its mascot moomin (the cow!) is all WHITE !
Source: Wikipedia

Paris,France /Amsterdam, Netherlands

I have seen this YELLOW coach train while I was in Amsterdam, Netherlands waiting for someone dear on board from Paris. The VIRM (Verlengd Interregiomaterieel) or Regiorunner is a train which consists of one or more combinations of 4 or 6 double deck coaches with electric motors and running high speed.  With YELLOW Regiorunner, the cities of Paris and Amsterdam is just four (4) hours away and the cheapest way to go!  


  1. Very nice interpretation Mhe-Anne! Never thought I could focus it on one theme as well haha Buti na lang completo ka sa kulay ng transport!

    1. Thanks Aleah dear!Since I can't write much about the countries and can't choose from the tons of photos, thought limiting the post in one theme would be more manageable. Except for green, I have all the transport in all colors - so still a little hard choosing which one make it to the cut! haha.Thanks for the tag.

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