Thursday, August 9, 2012

Weathering The Storm: How To Keep The Kiddos Active

by: Mhe-anne L. Ojeda

Yesterday's southwest monsoon (hanging habagat) has caused the continuous rains that brought about the flooding in Metro Manila and many parts of Luzon. My brother's house  in Natividad Subdivision in Deparo Road, Caloocan City was not spared, as the waters got into their kitchen, cutting short their sweet sleep and that of his four children and a young niece. My driver helped kuya Mike in the clean up and brought the five kids to my house , joining the four children of my brother Allan and Belenda who lives with me. 
With seven kids and 2 tweens at home, I felt that keeping them well - fed and active while indoors was my way of helping out weather this storm in my own little way since I was lucky to be safe and dry. I'm glad I didn't have any difficulty making that happen, since there's enough food for this kind of emergency with our 72 - hour kits and a bag of Golden Oats from a friend which came in handy. 
For  rainy day activities, the kiddos themselves came out with their own spontaneous ideas that kept them busy while having fun!

1.  Hula Hooping 

HULA HOOPING was the first thing that the kids - Shane (7 years old) and Jay - A (8 years old) tried since we have two hula hoops at home owned by the two girls - Shane and Shanara who lives with me. It only proves that children really love these colorful plastic tubes for fun (and little they did know hoops are good for fitness too so I was tempted to try). But while the kids spinned it around their waist more than a hundred times without letting it fall to the ground, I  whirled it only up to four! I'm shy! haha.  

2. Play "Trouble" Game 

Remember my post about TROUBLEa board game made popular in the 1960's by the toy company Milton Bradley? I played and bought this game in Tasmania (Australia) in 2009 and has been the favorite of my family since then. During the storm, TROUBLE  was a smashing hit as I played with Mitch (13 years old), Shanara , and Jay - A while Lian watched us hit the  Pop-O-Matic dice roller to get the SIX and move all our respective colored "playing piece" (blue, redgreen and yellowto the color coordinated finish line or the "safe" zone. 

3. Chinese Garter

Chinese Garter is a game that requires flexibility, balance and coordination and popular with the younger girls. Sisters Shanara (4 years old) &  Shane (7 years old) formed one team and Cousins Alliune (4 years old) and Lian (3 years old) forming the other team. The game is played with two members of the “it” team serving as “game posts” as they stand opposite each other to  hold each end of the garter while the other team try to successfully jump over the double garter held from closer to the ground then to the knee, around the hips, waist, chest,  etc. by the game posts. 

4. "Pass The Pigs"

This is really a pig-tastic game during the habagat rage as Jay-M (11 years old) and Jay- A (8 years old) attempted to rack up points by rolling the two cute pink piglets, and gain or lose points depending on how the critters land. The winner is the first player to score a total of 100. This is a game that teaches the kids to learn how to lose and other sportsmanship behaviors and really very easy to play - even if you are still too young to add the score.

5. Toon Hoops Video Games
Who says you can't play basketball when it is raining? Not Ian (12 years old) and Jay-M (11 years old) since they were able to play Toon Hoops, an online basketball game with their favorite cartoon characters.

5. Coloring Books

Rainy days don't need to be simply having fun, but a chance to learn somehow while enjoying the time off. Right Shane? She decided to get those coloring books and show Lian (3 years old) how to do color them.

6. Chess

For the studious and a bit older kiddos like Ian (12), Jay-M (11) and James (11), rainy days is a chance to practice their skills in playing Chess, one of the world's most popular games. I need not explain how Chess  is played coz I assume you too are playing this at home on a lazy day like today!

7. Magic Spell

Ian is our magician and he pulled off his magical feats to keep the kids entertained during the boring rainy days!  As a true magician, Ian keep his audience seated throughout the show and borrows his magical objects from his audience for a more magical effect! (I am currently uploading the video so watch out for it! It cracks me up!!)

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