Sunday, July 1, 2012

Trip Back To Nuvali: ToastBox in Solenad 2

by: Mhe-anne L. Ojeda

My first trip down Sta. Rosa, Laguna last June 29, 2012 introduced me to a new, serene, eco-friendly residential community called Nuvali. So after two days, I was back in the area with Raymond, my long unseen first love who came back to visit his house in Sta. Rosa Heights after attending church service in my homeward in Deparo. It was my first date on a Sabbath, I should say! 

As in any dating, today involves sitting, sipping and dining but we decided to keep it simple to still be in tune with Sabbath day observance. We were spoiled for options in the growing commercial area of Nuvali located along the Sta. Rosa-Tagaytay Road, with  Solenad 1  and 2 complexes that offer diverse selection of dining establishments among other businesses and shopping options.  With ToastBox we didn't have a problem choosing a quiet and relaxing place for our dinner date.

ToastBox was first opened in Singapore and said to be a reflection of coffee shops in the 60's and 70's.  It was brought to the Philippines in 2007 with the intent tbring back the good old times of a bygone Singapore era while introducing a new Singaporean feel and flavors to Pinoy eaters with the inclusion of Singapore's usual staples in addition to coffee and toast. 

We ordered Hainanese Chicken (quarter P219), Nonya Laksa - spicy soup with shrimps (P215), garlic rice, cold chocolate and ginger drink. Since the place has a cozy ambiance, Raymond and I were able to talk like in the old days and reminisce the many good times we had together. The food is simple yet tasty and reasonable.

For our first Sunday dinner,  ToastBox  perfectly fits the bill, not only because of its relaxed atmosphere but also because this franchise mirrors the "old is back" concept that Raymond and I were trying to recreate and reinvent. After being separated for two (2) decades and meeting out of the blue barely two (2) days ago, we both feel that we can bring back the good old times and create a new chapter in our lives! 


  1. Sweet! I've never visited Nuvali. Actually, I haven't visited Laguna in a looong time. Hope I get the chance when we're back in the Philippines after another Oz trip. Hope everything's doing well for you Ate Mhe-Anne.

    1. hello Gay dear. Always appreciate you visiting my blog and leaving comments.So you mean you are in OZ now? I haven't even met you since you got back from the RTW and here you are gone again. We should really meet when you're here next. We can drive back to Nuvali with my boyfriend.Take care and enjoy Oz.

  2. Kilig naman :) Nuvali's becoming a family place. A great alternative for us living in the south

    1. thanks Izah for the comments.I can really feel many PTB is happy for me with my new-found old love. And yea, I was impressed with Nuvali. Mapapadalas kami dun and will bring family members for boating at the lake and fish feeding. ganda ng place - eco-friendly talaga!

  3. so sweet..I'm so happy for you Atty. :)

    1. thanks Nath for sharing in my happiness and for letting me know about it. you rock dear!

  4. Is the poem I've written for him? ^_^

  5. Is the poem I've written for him? ^_^

    Out Of The Blue

    Seeing you today brings back memories
    Memories of the not so distant past
    Nothing has really changed with the way you look, nor with the way you stand
    It's weird seeing you again after all these years.
    Cause looking into your eyes brings back all those mushy feelings

    I remember the days when you pass by me
    I feel those butterflies in my stomach
    You'd casually glance by your shoulder
    With me hopelessly pretending you were looking at

    I'd follow you around like a little puppy dog
    Following your tracks all day long
    You hang out with the coolest of friends
    Hoping I was where you belong

    Back to the future
    I see your smilling face
    I then step backward
    Finding myself still in a daze

    You shook my hand and casually we talked
    Sharing stories, untold stories here begin to unfold
    I have liked you ever since I met you,
    And now I am delighted
    Thanking you for inviting me out of the blue


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