Saturday, August 25, 2012

NZ Travel 2012: Top 10 Highlights In New Plymouth, My New Love Destination!

by: Mhe-anne L. Ojeda

When I included New Plymouth in my places to visit during my dream destination tour of New Zealand, I know nothing of the place so I maintain a low expectation. Enough for me that I can meet my father's second cousin slash my childhood friend Jeck Icaro and his family (and possibly eat some Pinoy favorites!) and I will be happy. 
But  this small city located on the North Islands west coast in the Taranaki district has so much to offer and its proximity to both the sea (Tasman sea) and mountain (Mount Taranaki) has captured me instantly making it hard not to fall in love at first sight (ahem!)! 
I love New Plymouth - and  its picturesque, impressive landscape, preserved heritage,  stunningly beautiful scenery and a modern outlook. It is no surprise why this small and unassuming city bagged three major awards at the 2008 International Awards for Liveable Communities recognized by the United Nations and locally adjudged as "the best place in New Zealand to live, love, work and raise a family". 
With so much to see and do and having only two full days to go around, I had difficulty  visiting all the highlights although all are inside the city, within a few minutes drive of each other. I picked my Top 10 of the major points of interests and get consoled that I will definitely be back sometime soon to try the rest!

1 Pukekura Park

2 Brookland's Park - Zoo and Chimney  
3 Puki Ariki
4 Te Rewa Rewa Bridge
Officially opened on 5 June 2010, the 70-meter pedestrian and cycleway bridge across the Waiwhakaiho River called Te Rewa Rewa Bridge has "wowed" me with its spectacular shape and its all-white steel tube ribs reminiscent of a whale skeleton. This popular footbridge is part of the Coastal Walk Way designed to suit the coastal landscape  and can accommodate bikes, ambulance and other service vehicles.  I was further impressed when I learned that my childhood friend Jeck Icaro was part of the  consortium that designed and built this now - popular icon of New Plymouth and he was personally involved in the actual transport and installation of the bridge deck 15 feet above normal flow level to withstand both floods and lahars from volcanic eruptions
Coastal Walkway & Len Lye Wind Wand
Major Gardens (Pukeiti and Tupare)
7 Gables Colonial Hospital
Lake Mangamahoe
9 Richmond Cottage
10 Paritutu  Centenial Park

(to be continued...)


  1. Waaah inggit talaga ako sa yo! Super love NZ and I really hope I'll get to visit it someday! Inggit ako sa pics mo!

  2. What's good to see at Puki Ariki? If what my dirty mind thinks what it is, I'm revisiting New Zealand LOL. Just teasing.


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