Thursday, July 5, 2012

The Old Is Back With Amazing Spiderman...

by: Mhe-anne L. Ojeda

Seeing this picture of my nephew Jay - A  wearing face painting of his uber fave superhero Spider-man was very timely because the reboot of the Spidey movie is out. Lucky for my old pal Raymond as it didn't take me second thinking to accept his invite to watch Amazing Spider-man on his Fourth of July holiday. I thought this is a good movie to reminisce our younger years after two (2) decades of separation. 

And I was right! Like in the old days, Raymond was a take charge date. He picked me up from home and drove me to attend my baking session with Ate Raquel before proceeding to SM North Edsa Cinema I was laughing during the whole trip with the many jokes on his sleeves and that was a good start to get me comfortable with him during this movie date. He then bought the tickets to a 3D movie and let me chose the seats. That felt like a déjà vu (a phenomenon of believing an experience has occurred in the past) since I recalled watching Terminator 2 with him last August 17, 1991 in the same place. I recorded in my journal that "I didn't have any dull moments with him" during the movie date and that feeling is all coming back to me now

As in the old days, we chose hotdogs and drinks to munch on during the movie, over the more popular choice of popcorns (which I couldn't eat because of the smell). It takes an old friend to remember this important tidbit about me because that allowed us to laugh heartily and eat as slowly as we want while catching up as old friends (and letting loose to copycat Peter Parker and Gwen Stacy's 17 year olds intelligently awkward charms). Chessy!

Amazing Spider-Man has all the cutesy ingredients I was looking for in a movie, with more focused on the teenage angst and love story shown in a respectful and safe tone. With its simple plot and scenes, which were mostly adapted from the 2002 film of this super hero's beginning as young Peter Parker, the movie has put me in a total "old is back" experience where my mind wandered back in the old days when I wrote in my journal - "I feel safe being with person(s) even though the lights are dim". 

Many a times, I had to snap myself back into reality because I was so caught up in the moment and truly forgot that we have just met recently  - 6 days to be exact.  We definitely didn't lose touch despite the long years of no contact. Like Amazing Spider-man, the movie date was truly amazing!

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