Saturday, July 7, 2012

Tagaytay's Surprises: Roadside Flower Shops and Mushroom Burger!

by: Mhe-anne L. Ojeda

Since I claimed that I have been to Tagaytay a hundreth times and that it had been the venue for my best one day itinerary, I thought that I have tried all the best offerings of the place - from resto, lodging and attractions and anyone who will bring me there on a date  (ahem!) stands to hear from me repetitively the phrase 'been there done that'. My friend Raymond proved me wrong!
After our first meeting, we were back at his place in Sta. Rosa Heights near Nuvali the  following weekendWe drove to Tagaytay which is only about 15 minutes away and  he showed me two (2) things/places I haven't  done/seen yet in this tourist haven.

(1) Roadside Flower Shops
When Raymond stopped the car, I thought it was for restroom break until he gave me three (3) red roses! How sweet! Only then that I noticed the ubiquitous flower shops dotting along the highway (before the pineapple farms and fruits stalls) which for the life of me and those frequent trips previously did not afford me such a delight. With the wide range and variety of plants and flowers I can choose from like my fave roses and mums (which I learned from Raymond to be a short word for chrysanthemums), buying (or even  just admiring or smelling them) is an added reason for me to make a day trip to Tagaytay. Oh well, it would be a plus to travel there with a date who will surprise me with flowers! (*hinting).
(2) Mushroom Burger 
Another Raymond's pleasant surprise about Tagaytay is the Mushroom Burger located in Brgy. Kaybagal along Aguinaldo Highway. For a person like me who haven't tried the usual burgers of beef patties (because of my allergic reaction to beef (even the smell), having a burger made of my fave mushroom is such a welcome idea! I love mushrooms ("the  so-called meat in the vegetable world"), but I still couldn't believe it can replace beef patties and would taste as good (if not better!).
I ordered Mushroom Burger Regular meal (Php 70) with drinks and fries and Raymond had Mushroom Burger Royal meal with drinks and fries (Php 95), Lomi (Php 51), and Strawberry and Chocolate Sundae. The meal was simple, healthy, uniquely Pinoy taste, and really affordable. I guess this is the reason why foreign and local tourists, as in its name, spring up like mushrooms in Tagaytay.

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