Monday, July 2, 2012

Ojeda Family Home Evening: Talents

by: Mhe-anne L. Ojeda
Our weekly Monday - night Family Home Evening today is special because it is my sister-in-law's Imee's 32nd Birthday and we were joined by my teenage friend Raymund whom I haven't seen for twenty (20) years but have met through Facebook a week ago. Imee's mom nanay Modesta and my driver Jojo who are both non-members always join us for this get- together.
Conducting: Mike Ojeda
Opening Hymn: Hymn 300 - 
Families Can Be Together Forever
          Chorister: Amy Ojeda
Opening Prayer: Belenda Ojeda
Scriptural Thought: Mitch Ojeda (D & C 25: 12)
Lesson: Mhe-anne - Parable of the talents
Scripture Reading: Matthew 25: 14-30
Have each person read one verse of the scripture and asked the following questions:
1- How many talents did the first servant have? What did he do with his talents?

2- How many talents did the second servant have? What did he do with his talents?

3- How many talents did the last servant have? What did he do with his talents?

4- Do we have talents? What are they?

5- What should we do with our talents?

Brainstorm the many talents of each member of the family - and common answers includes singing, dancing, piano, basketball. My nephews and brother sang and danced while Jojo played the guitar, Jay-A and my nieces danced Super Base (not sure of spelling and need to upload the video) and Raymund played the guitar while we sang our then song "You Are The Reason Why" which we read in my journal.

Testified of the importance of discovering and developing our talents.
Closing Remarks: Papa
Closing Hymn: Hymn 220
Lord I Would Follow Thee
Closing Prayer: James Bernard Ojeda
Reminders: Weekly Scripture Reading - 2Nephi 19 - 25
Refreshment: Mami and Imee
includes main dinner Rice, Igado, Ginataang Bilo-Bilo, Cake.

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