Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Travel New Zealand 2012: Tupare Garden and Photo Ops!

by: Mhe-anne L. Ojeda
We went to Tupare, a beautifully landscaped garden on a hillside overlooking the Waiwhakaiho River in New Plymouth, New Zealand. There was no entrance fee to tour around this grand property which features a homestead, gardeners' cottage, majestic trees, water fountains and several plants in different settings. 
You can choose from the three trails - easy, moderate and challenging - depending on the time you have at hand or your preference. House Stroll is easy, lasting only an approximately 40 minutes; Garden Walk is a bit longer and recommended for gardeners or plant enthusiasts and Boundary Trail is perfect for those who loves the challenge and with at least an hour to spend! We did all and truly enjoyed it!
In fact, I love being in Tupare on that chilly afternoon during England Queen's Birthday holiday (June 4, 2012)  and feeling like a queen (or princess lol) as I was being photographed by  three cool photographers - Jeck (a 39-year old uncle/cousin using my Point-And - Shoot Nikon Coolpix camera), Chester (Jeck's 14-year old son trying for the first time his dad's Nikon DLSR) and Wayne (Jeck's 6-year old son, clicking to his heart's content a Canon Point -And- Shoot camera). 
Honestly, I was dumbfounded when I saw the pictures! I can't tell whose shot was it and which camera, so I had to check the label. A personal debate ensued: - what makes a great photo - is it the camera, the photographer or a combination thereof? What say ye?
Here are some of my faves. See if you can guess which one is Jeck's, Chester's, Wayne's or mine (for landscapes)? or which one was taken with a Nikon DLSR or Point-And-Shoot Nikon or Canon? Other than the museum  matte, I did no further editing on these pictures.
1   Blues
2   Center of Attraction

3   Nino

4   Homestead

5   Take 4
6   Winding

7     Walk
8   Floating
9   Leaves and Flowers
10    Tupare

Take your pick. But mine are those that Wayne's took with his point and shoot! 


  1. Wow!!! Amazing garden, beautiful model, cool photographers, nice shots, exceptionally presented blog and very creative blogger!!! Great effort! Well done Mhe-anne!

    By the way, Jeck is 39, Chester is 14 and Wayne is (correct)6 year old.

    1. hey Jeck and Betty! thank you for visiting my blog and leaving this wonderful comments. I am really touched and so grateful for your kindness and for letting me enjoy my 3-nights in the most livable city in the world!!


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