Monday, June 11, 2012

"START BEING" Monday Series: YOUNG

by: Mhe-anne L. Ojeda

YOUNG. (Youthful, having the favorable characteristics of youth such as vigor, enthusiasm and hopefulness). This may seem simple and easy attribute, but when you are actually old (like 38 lol) being YOUNG and hopeful  could at times be  'easier said than done'.  I sometimes blame it on age why my relationship has taken a sudden detour which has caused a dent (big time!) on my usual bubbly, full of enthusiasm and happy ME! sulk* sulk*
Pen and Moe Penales at Long Bay in Auckland, New Zealand
Glad I went to the "youngest country in the world" - NEW ZEALAND which helped me regained such vigor and enthusiasm as a youth being with young people during the 10-day trip around Auckland, Hamilton,  Hobbiton, Waitomo, Otorohanga, New Plymouth and North Shore
Chester and Wayne at Edgmont Park in New Plymouth, New Zealand 
Seeing firsthand the last landmass to be discovered by explorers -first by the MAORI and then by the Europeans- and exploring its vast land of forests, mountains, caves, and beaches which are still untamed, untouched and in some cases, exactly – as it was before man was there truly made me feel YOUNG and hopeful!
at the Te Rewa Rewa Bidge in New Plymouth that my cousin/uncle/childhood friend helped built

*This is part of a series of 2012 Monday post inspired by Leigh Anne Jasheway-Bryant's Stop DoingStart Being article on Family Circle Magazine April 1, 2005 issue. What she said about having so many "to-do" list and trying hard everyday to check off the list hit so close to home! I agree with her that what I need is a list to help me be who I want to be, both for myself and others. Click on START BEING Monday Series to see other list of cool virtues we could emulate!

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