Monday, May 21, 2012


by: Mhe-anne L. Ojeda

inside Ceres Bus from Bacolod City to San Carlos City and hop to Sipaway Island
UBIQUITOUS.(being everywhere at the same time. ever-present. frequent. constant. widespread.) Just like this ubiquitous indian mango that I enjoyed eating during the Iloilo-Bacolod City-San Carlos City - Sipaway Island - Dumaguete City - Siquijor - Sibulan - Liloan - Cebu City - Mactan bus and ferry series of trips last May 17-21, 2012, I can be everywhere at the same time (at least that's how my clients think) since July 2009. Well, the law firm where I am one of the two senior partners is based in Ortigas Center, Pasig and I still consider my house in Valenzuela City as my home office, but I can be anywhere else on a whim and still be able to assist and respond to clients (as long as there is wifi or internet signal for my Globe and Smart broadband sticks). I guess this is the beauty of being a location independent lawyer and having a location independent lifestyle.
to Sipaway Island but well equipped with hp mini, external hard drive, broadbands and kindle touch  inside this huge red bag

*This is part of a series of 2012 Monday post inspired by Leigh Anne Jasheway-Bryant's Stop DoingStart Being article on Family Circle Magazine April 1, 2005 issue. What she said about having so many "to-do" list and trying hard everyday to check off the list hit so close to home! I agree with her that what I need is a list to help me be who I want to be, both for myself and others. Click on START BEING Monday Series to see other list of cool virtues we could emulate!


  1. my husband is the same! he can work anywhere at the same time doing some visits to other countries! xx

  2. I envy people who can just leave their hometown to explore other places! If only I had all the money in the world! Why dont you come to Zamboanga? :)

  3. I would probably consider myself semi-ubiquitous too.. I mean, I can travel but still get in touch with work matters as long as there's wifi connection in the area where I am currently at. :)

  4. I can work from anywhere to as long as I have my phone but sometimes it does have its disadvantages as I still get work calls even when on vacation.

  5. I can't even pronounce the word ...heheheh!

  6. Hi Ms. Mhe-Anne! You've got a terrific smile there hehe.
    Keep the smile up and enjoy life as you go along with your to do list. :D God bless...

  7. I am not sure if I am an ubiquitous person myself but I knew I am good at handling various things and dealing with different situations at the same time. Maybe I can also call it flexibility.

    Good luck on your endeavours.

  8. Hello Miss Mhe-anne. You look really beautiful in the first photo and I never knew that there was a word such as ubiquitous. :)

    at least you're really good to go everywhere with technology by your shoulder. enjoy travelling.

  9. Start being what you can be. :)

  10. I bet you enjoy being ubiquitous though for me it seems exciting but tiring sometimes going from one place to another.

  11. I learned a new word today! I can't pronounce it What a great journey you had..:)

  12. What a highfalutin word!
    Or is it a legal term?
    Anyways, this word is really
    unheard and unseen yet but
    thanks for the way you describe
    it... I'm in awe of this kind of vocabulary.


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