Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Papa's Reel and Real 60th Birthday Celebration at Kangaroo Jack...

by: Mhe-anne L. Ojeda
My father turned  60 year old last April 29. So to celebrate this milestone and let him enjoy the fruits of his labor, we had a buffet dinner  at Kangaroo Jack in Araneta Coliseum on May 1 (Labor Day!).  
The reason for the choice of Kangaroo Jack's Grill is funny and simple - we celebrated his supposed "60th" birthday last year with a buffet lunch in this resto, but after the gathering, we realized Papa was only 59 years old! Now, we nailed it this time!!
Last year's color theme was the classic black and white with gold since 4 of us were part of the Jubilee Choir for the 50 years of LDS Church in the Philippines celebration in Araneta Coliseum. This year, Papa chose RED as the color theme. It makes the celebration festive and fun! 
So for our new senior citizen, Kangaroo Jack's buffet perfectly fit the bill (literally and otherwise!). For only P220 (only P175 last year) for adults and P100 for kids below 4 ft- we have enjoyed the cream of mushroom soup, garlic bread, nachos with cheese dip & fresh tomatoes dip, thin crust pizzas, pesto pasta, spaghetti, plain rice, fried rice, adobo, fried chicken, barbeque, stringbeans, turon with chocolate, macaroni salad, coffee jelly (new addition this year but we can't have it because it has coffee) and iced tea (which we can't have so we ordered orange juice) 
Having a buffet dinner is  a total bliss for me who always plan the family celebration. With the reasonable price, the whole family and a few friends were able to mingle easily, get the food we want at our own pace and made Papa feel special being the center of attention by everyone. 
Papa was very happy that he is surrounded by 11 of his grandchildren (Kenneth is in England so he was missed during his birthday). 

P.S. Papa's 60th celebration continues tomorrow watching his favorite sports and team...


  1. happy birthday po! may God bless you with more apos!!! - from mhe-anne? :))

  2. happy bday sa papa mo :)

  3. Happy birthday to your papa. I am sure he is beaming with pride and joy today.:)

  4. haha advanced 60th birthday celebration pala last year. that buffet sounds very sulit.

  5. looks like you really had a blast. happy birthday to your papa!

  6. Color coded parties are always fun and looks good on photos too! Happy Birthday to your Dad!

  7. That was funny, thinking that your dad was already 60, when he wasn't just yet! Nonetheless, you were all still very thoughtful (I love that about family members). Oh, and I didn't know Kangaroo Jack offered buffet's. And for just P220, that's a snag right there! :)

  8. Happy Birthday to your Papa. I do hope he'll soon enjoy the perks of being a senior citizen. Has he applied for his ID?

  9. Hi Ms. Mhe-Anne! That's really sweet. Bonding with family is the best way to keep the love alive.
    I really adore people who keep the bond with their families no matter what happens.
    May the good Lord always bless your family.

  10. Happy birthday to your loving Papa! :)
    he sure looks happy. :)

  11. Belated Happy Birthday to your Dad. My dad wasn't able to celebrate his 60th birthday as he prefers not to (it has something to do with getting old perhaps).

  12. There's no place like HOME!
    There's no other HAPPINESS
    like the joy we feel when we are with our loved ones.
    Your father is lucky to have a family as closely knit as you have
    and you are lucky to have a proud father like he is.

  13. Happy birthday to your Dad. Dali, get him one of those nifty senior citizen's card so he can get those fine discounts and free movies. :-)


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