Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Papa's 60th Birthday: Watching PBA Commissioner Cup Finals Game 5

by: Mhe-anne L. Ojeda

Papa, our brand new senior citizen  loves Basketball, but the last time he watched a live game  was more than two decades ago! Yes, it was that Looooong like my summer escapades haha... 
So as gift for his milestone-weeklong-birthday celebration, kuya Mike bought him 10 tickets to watch the PBA Commissioner's Cup Finals - Game 5 between B-MEG and Talk And Text
So with the 10 tickets, Papa, Mami, me, kuya Mike, Allan, Ian, Jay-M, James, Jay-A, and Jojo found ourselves among the 15, 183 basketball fans and sports enthusiast who enjoyed the excitement of Pinoy's favorite sport!

We found a seat near the Talk And Text side. That was good since our color theme for the day was yellow (Talk & Text) and we have yellow balloons given to us. But only 6 (James, kuya Mike, mami, Jay-M, Ian & Jay-A) wereTalk And Text fans, while 4 (Papa, Allan, Jojo and me) were B-MEG supporters. James and Papa have an on-going bet, a fun competition between "maglolo"!
Like Papa, I am also a die hard basketball fan, but have not watched a live game for decades. Seeing him so happy reminded me of our several trips to Ultra to watch the game of Manila Beer which became Magnolia Ice Cream and then became San Miguel Beer. Our common favorite was point guard Hector "The Director" Calma
Now my new eye candy is B-MEG superstar guard James Yap who made several magical shots during the game!
The smiles on Papa's face assure us that he appreciated the gift of Sports for his 60th! To us, that is priceless. Guess he earns himself another ticks on his 61st, this time with a better-closer-to- the- action seats!  


  1. Very inspiring family sharing the same ground!

  2. The smile on your's Papa's face is priceless. For sure he enjoyed the game and the gift but what he enjoyed the most is the feeling that he was with his family enjoying the very special day.

  3. He was obviously beaming!!! He must have love you and your bros soooo much more for that birthday treat!!!

    Happy birthday po :))

  4. Oh! I miss the days when I used to watch PBA at Ultra and Araneta Coliseum when I was living in Manila. Nice treat for your Papa. I think he really enjoyed this one.

  5. sounds nice :)
    Looks like you had a blast!

  6. The last time I watched PBA was, I can't really remember when anymore. All I remember was my Dad and I were fighting over the remote coz he wants to watch the Anejo X San Miguel fight while I wanted to watch Okay Ka Fairy Ko on a thursday night. Those were the only teams that sounds familiar to me. And the star players I knew were Robert Jaworsky and Mon Fernandez. =))

  7. wow!! the crowd attendance looks really massive dear!! i've always fond of watching basketball too!! happy bday to him! god bless xx

  8. this post reminds me of my sister who loves basketball so much and used to watch pba games.
    happy birthday to your papa :)

  9. this post reminds me of my sister who was so into basketball then and watched pba games live.
    happy birthday to your dad, ms mhe-anne =)

  10. wow what a great bday gift for the father... :)

  11. It is so thoughtful of you to treat your dad on something that he enjoys so much. very sweet symbol of love and gratitude. And I know everybody enjoyed the game too..

  12. Love your Papa's happy face. Nothing beats getting to do what one wants to do on a milestone birthday. Happy birthday to your father.

  13. Wow! That surely made your dad very happy!

  14. Happy Birthday to your DAD!
    He's a senior citizen already...
    The overwhelming joy in his face
    just show how much he appreciated
    your thoughtfulness. You're such a
    good daughter.

  15. i can see sincere happiness. and yup as i expect bmeg, the short lived trend sweeping in facebook.

  16. I have yet to attend a live PBA Game at Araneta Coliseum. Since the pictures were taken inside, I presume its okay to bring cameras inside (probably except for DSLRs).


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