Saturday, April 28, 2012

My Meals In Bed While Wallowing (A Sampler)

by: Mhe-anne L. Ojeda

When I had the mid - April crisis (ok I created that word! lol), I declared a self-imposed bed rest or better still a "me - wallow" time (rolling oneself about in a lazy, relaxed, or ungainly manner) camping out inside my room. 

I just wanted to cry and cry until the tears won’t come out anymore. I want to  grieve and mourn about the loss of a beautiful relationship without calling much attention to myself (except virtually!), or being forced to appear brave or having a good time, even when I'm still feeling like it is the end of the world.

At least in my room, I can be myself, cherishing the good times and the good memories, no pretensions whatsoever and yet I can get to do "business as usual" (being a location independent lawyer!)  while getting some pampering from my mom (who chose to stay at my house for 10 days) and my sister-in-law Bhebe.

For two weeks (except for two Sundays for church service, Wednesday during the first week and Friday during the second week) I was (and still being) treated to a "breakfast, lunch, snack & dinner - in -bed" (you read it right - not just breakfast -in -bed but a full day meal in bed!!) 

My meals-in-bed fare is simple and small but creative, fun, my faves (shrimp, soup, and various drinks) and healthy. The food and drinks are on an easy-to-carry striped blue and yellow tray, that I can put on my lap, or on the bed or on the laptop table depending on what I was doing when it was mealtime. 

Then when it's time for another meal, my mom or Bhebe get the tray and put on another set of food. I just eat whatever I can (during the more than 30 meals served to me!) so I stay slim (hehe).

I truly appreciate my mom and Bhebe for this very nice gesture. The two-week wallowing time helped me to focus on "me", stay healthy (slim down actually), and keep busy (taking pictures haha). 

With my meals-in-bed, I had a "wallowing" time in the truest sense of the word - alone time in stinky pajamas "swallowing" what I want, while letting the pain and crap fly out!


  1. Hugz! Your mom is so thoughtful! I wish I still have my mom with me.

  2. Be strong :) Hope you can get over your mid April crisis :)

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  4. I hope you'd be able to pass that Mid-April crisis your experiencing.

  5. I wish I have an excuse to have a mid-something crisis so I can wallow in the corner and eat yummy food. But then again, I usually don't eat when I'm feeling down. Good thing you have someone who takes care of you while you're in the middle of something.

  6. Its always good to indulge in food in the middle of reflections and the like.

  7. that's agreat way of pampering yourtself instead of going to spa. I'm really envious of the fresh buko juice

  8. I know so well how that feels... And I went through such ordeal many times. Sad to say this, but sometimes it's only time that can heal :(

    1. thank you Gay dear for this helps a lot when you know that someone as happy as you are had a share of this painful experience.So i believe this too shall pass...


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