Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Travel Memories (Part IV): Fun In the Sun From P to T...

by: Mhe-anne L. Ojeda

With my ABCDE Aspen Summer Culture, Blueberries Picking, Cruise Vacation, Diving, Easter Fun - FGHIJ - Fantasizing in Disneyland, Gold Rush, Hula Hooping,  Island Hopping,  Jumping Craze - KLMNO - Kayaking, Lake Viewing, Magayon Fest,  Norway's Midnight Sun and Ostersund's Moosing Around --you know that I had A Summer Like No Other. But my Summer Alphabet is far from over coz theFun In The Sun series continues with PQRST of my favoritefun summer activities over the years, as I travel around different countries ... Drum roll for ---

Parasailing is a breathtaking and thoroughly enjoyable adventure that is better experienced in the summer. I had my first stint of this exhilarating human kite -suspended- in- the -air experience circling around Sapi Island while enjoying the spectacular view of the city of Kota Kinabalu and the other islands of Manukan,Mamutik, Gaya and Siulog. It was unparalleled fun!!

Q – Quacking Water Fun In Malaysia 
Ok, maybe I'm pushing it with this one – but I couldn't think of any summer activity beginning with other than Quidditch which I haven't tried yet! Well, ducks quack and so were we, while in Sunway Lagoon located at  Petaling Jaya, Malaysia. With its Water Park there were so many options to just swim like ducks or challenge ourselves to dive in the wild Waters of Africa  raising our heart rate and toning our muscles creating noise which sounded like ducks Quack Quack Quack.
R-Rock Climbing in Colorado

Another summer favorite is quite a demanding sport - Rock climbingSo when I was in the Rocky Mountains Colorado (USA) in the summer, I maximized my two-day vacation climbing the castle -tower shaped  Rock Park  which is just a stones' throw - away from the home of my friend Tess and Justin Bridgman in Castle Rock. I also hiked up the steps of the Red Rocks  in Denver, like how it was in the Amazing Race!  Both climbs were rocky (pun intended) and steep but the breathtaking, panoramic views of the Downtown, I-25 corridor, Pikes Peak, Front Range and the City of Denver were all worth it! Summer's rock!!

S- Spelunking in Sagada 

Known as Spelunking in the United Statespotholing in United Kingdom or simply going caving among us Pinoys could never be wrong when you do it in Sumaging Cave in Sagada (Philippines). Yes! I described my  spelunking experience in Sumaging Cave as involving more than two hours of grueling, exhausting and slippery walk, butt aching, wall climbing all under a very cold temperature. Yet, it is to date one summer adventure that I have already done twice and still wanting to do it again and again and again. All the hardships going though a dark, muddy and slippery rocks descent were all worth it seeing and feeling the smooth limestones and calcium formations called pigpen, elephant heads, the Queen, turtle head, the king, the chocolate cake and the curtain. And of course, if you aren't scaredy cat like me (who is scared of cold water!) then you can get a dip inside the cave's swimming pool. 

T- TannforsenWaterfalls Side Trip

Tannforsen Waterfalls in Are, Sweden is the biggest waterfalls in Northern Europe with its more than 30 meters height. In the summertime, about 700 cubic meters of water is hurled over a sheer drop of 38 meters making that roar, which is the reason for being nicknamed the Niagara Falls of Sweden. Visiting this waterfalls during our summer road trip is one of the best side trips I ever had!


  1. i want to dare myself to try Parasailing, it feels like conquering the world, haha

  2. You have been to many places already .I hope I can be as lucky as you are.Travelling is really a great experience.

  3. Haha interesting "quacking" in Malaysia! I sure did enjoy looking at your photos once again! I wish I could travel more like you! I find it such an enriching experience! Thanks so much for the "tour"! God bless! :-)

  4. i'm curious about spelunking in Sagada.. i wish i can experience it too! :)

    1. you can Nanardx.this month is the best time to head out to Sagada! cheap adventures in the cleanest and safest place in the Philippines.

  5. I really enjoyed the spelunking in Sumaguing cave last year. In fact, we are returning in 2 weeks and this time we will do the cave connection. :)

    I've yet to try parasailing. Been to Boracay numerous times but haven't done it. Don't know why...probably I'm just scared of heights. :)

  6. I wish I could travel again! I so love traveling. Hindi ko pa naiikot ang Pilipinas. I miss traveling so much! I went parasailing in Boracay 4 yrs ago pa.

  7. You lead an adventurous life. Parasailing looks scary but very exciting. I wanna try that :D

  8. There are so many things that you have done that I also want to try soon, like Parasailing for one. I didn't get to do that when I was in Boracay last year. I would also love to try spelunking and rock climbing. :)

  9. I wanna do parasailing!!! Every time I had the chance wala naman budget :( This time, will save for it. Haha.

  10. Loving this alphabet of summer series of yours! Very unique. And I so love spelunking in Sumaguing Cave. Kahit na nagkapasa-pasa ako ng bongga nung humampas ako sa bato okay lang!

  11. Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeehhhh i wanna try the parasailing--- looks pretty cool

  12. wow parasailing! this is one thing I don't think I can do.. haha. I'm just so scared of heights. But I will never know.. I may end up enjoying it.. ;))

  13. The more I read your travel alphabet, the more I feel like I've not really been anywhere and I've not really done anything. Grabe from parasailing to quacking, from Sagada to Sweden. You have experienced so much - you should write a book!

  14. been to some islands in kota kinabalu but I was really afraid of trying parasailing there. hahaha there were so many what ifs in my mind and I was thinking of my daughter back home. :)

  15. You really are a well traveled professional..
    I hope to meet you on the road someday!
    You one of those that people could draw inspiration from.
    People the world may not understand it, but traveling is completing a circle to make a person whole as a being. :)

  16. Wanna try P and S.. hehehe..

    Para-sailing and Spelunking..:)

  17. I kinda envy your adventurous life with the way you share photos to us.

  18. our adventures are just breath-taking... exciting and thrilling. I know your overwhelmed with that experiences. I wish I can have those as well.


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