Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Travel Essentials: Staying Fit While On The Go...

by: Mhe-anne L. Ojeda
I admit. I gain some love handles when I travel. It is no surprised coz, while waiting at the airport,  I eat junk food, more than what I would normally consume when I am not traveling
Oh well, not that I particularly love the salty chips and sugarly cookies, but hey, I have no choice! Fast foods are typical of airports to cater to the passengers on the go,  so the unhealthy food are the ones within easy reach while waiting. 
But Not All Fast Foods Are Junk Food, according to this  travel friendly advisory that I spotted at a courthouse in New Jersey (of all places! lol). I was happy that most of my favorite snacks - a piece of fruit, celery with peanut butter, yogurt, and nuts- are actually healthy foods and is an "easy & quick" fix.
Since then, packing some grapes, celery with peanut butter, almonds and yogurt is one of the first thing on my Travel Essentials checklist whenever I travel.  As Pamela Peeke, M.D., Ph.D., author of Fight Fat after Forty says "These days, the food you put in your carry-on bag is every bit as vital as the clothes you put in your suitcase"!


  1. nuts, popcorn, fruit...not junk at all!!!;
    i try not to eat junk junk aka salty chips anymore.. but sometimes, i'd just crave for it! not that often now though... which is good!

  2. These foods only become junk when sugar or salt is added.

  3. so true, because these fastfood chains are just within our reach.. Yogurt, very good choice lalo na kapag may probiotics, iwas LBM, happy to travel ulit! hehe.

  4. I agree, not all "fastfood" is junk but most that you find in fast food restos are loaded with transfat and watchamacalit...ugh!

  5. hehehe, me too i ate chocolate chips on travel and sodas.. yun kasi convenient sa travel.. I dont wanna make my travels complicated

  6. Healthy foods are within reach so why settle for anything less such as calorie-laden junk foods? Live healthy. Live smart. ^_^

  7. Wow! A healthy kitchen in a bag. :)


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