Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Picnic Garden: An All -You-Can - Eat Korean BBQ Buffet!

by: Mhe-anne L. Ojeda

For my prince 33rd birthday last January 19, 2012, he brought me to lunch at Picnic Garden Korean BBQ in Edison, New Jersey  and I was blown away! 

I love Korean cuisine and can't pass the opportunity to have an all- you-can eat lunch for $15 since it was a Thursday!  It was the nicest birthday gift for me, except that it wasn't my birthday but my prince who will foot in the bill! HAHA

This is my first Korean BBQ Buffet while in the East Coast and oh just exactly what I expect every Korean BBQ resto to be - with decent selection of spicy, marinated all you can eat meat (pork and chicken esp for me and beef for my prince.), nice interior, huge space,  wide booths, and a table with built-in gas grill (not charcoal). Pretty impressive set up!

We got our choiced meats from the buffet bar, and as soon as we were seated, the grill was fired up. First off, I've got myself my favorite samgyeopsal  (three layered flesh or Korean bacon) and spicy chicken while my prince got himself some bulgogi since he can't have it at home often due to my sensitivity to beef smell in the fridge. The server brought us plenty of lettuces to wrap meat!

Then while meat is cooking, I got myself some ready-to-eat food from the buffet style selection. Yes, the place has it all although their specialty is Korean BBQ. I had jap chae,  kimbap, fried rice and several banchan  like kimchi and kongnamul (soybean sprout).

The service is outstanding for a buffet with waiters who go around and help with grilling the  food. They switch the grill multiple times within our meal so the grill is always clean and neat. They left us with one tongs to flip the meat ourselves, although they are pretty quick to come around with the scissors and flip and cut the meat for us. 

The buffet table had quite a variety of food in four sections - raw meats/seafood with quite an assortment of meat, squid and shrimp; ready-to-eat food with fried and steamed dumplings, fried rice, and some soups; banchan section with kimchi, kongnamul, and the likes;  and the toppings section which has jalapeno slices, garlic, onions and  variety of sauces like soy sauce, hot sauce, and vinegar.

Everything was delicious! So I had like two servings. Now writing about it makes me crave for some Korean food. Kimchiiii....(Note: For the beer drinker, this place is BYOB).  


  1. THis will surely make my day atty with all those Korean food!Nom nom!

  2. I seriously haven't eaten in a Korean restaurant yet. Those photos sure made me hungry!

  3. hehehe atty! gusto ko yang mga ganyan na kainan... yung may participation ka sa pagluluto! masaya kumain ng ganyan noh!?

  4. i love their grill set up! :) looks very modern :)

  5. Oh Korean barbecue! <3 I love korean barbecues. Haha. It is a little expensive on my part and I haven't tried an all-you-can-eat of it. But that'll be awesome. I'm a huge meat lover. <3

  6. reminds me o our local yakimix concept

  7. i love korean cuisine too. i think it's my favorite next to of course, filipino because of the kimchi. :>

  8. I've been craving korean food for the past two weeks now. but where we live, there's no single decent korean resto. you have to go to makati or manila to dine in one.

  9. Korean foods <3 The food you ordered looks interesting and delicious! How sweet of your husband! but hey I saw the waiter haha and he looks good XD

  10. Are those marbled beef cuts? oh my! *DROOLS*


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