Sunday, April 8, 2012

Our Christ-Centered EASTER 2012 Celebration

by: Mhe-anne L. Ojeda

Easter is one of the celebrations that my family look forward to each year. Oh how the kids (and adult alike) love the food which means "eggs" and the traditional activities of (colorful plastic) egg hunting, and turning the ordinary eggs into something egg-straordinary by painting, marbleizing, decorating or dyeing, and then getting  jelly beans, chocolates, coins and the decorated eggs itself as prizes for their work of art. It was a  yummy, fun tradition, except that, we rob the kids of the real meaning of this religious holiday!
That was before 2009,  when we thought of meaningful ways to celebrate Easter to help the kids see the connection between the common Easter traditions and the Atonement of Jesus Christ and His final triumph at the end of His earthly mission when He overcame both sin and death. Since then Jesus Christ became the center of our family's Easter Celebration.
This year, we were lucky that our family scripture reading schedule 2 Nephi 6-10  and the 182nd General Conference Broadcast earlier set the stage for this meaningful celebration. The main discourse of Jacob (brother of Nephi) in Chapter 9 & 10 is about the Atonement which is what we celebrate during Easter time. 
I used that for the Question and Answer game and in the Scripture Chase. I also explained to them that  Atonement is what we call Jesus Christ's suffering for our sins and his resurrection (the power to live again after he died). We talked about Jacob's teaching of the temporal death  (death of the body) and spiritual death (separation from God because of our sins).
Jacob taught that because of the Atonement of Jesus Christ, all people will be resurrected  or saved from temporal death. However, not all people will be "saved in the Kingdom of God" unless we do something - Scripture Look For

(1) Believe in Jesus Christ, the Holy One of Israel  and come unto Him (2 Nep. 9:18)
(2) Endure the crosses of the world (2 Nep. 9:18)
(3) Despise the shame of the world (2 Nep. 9:18)
(4) Hearken to the voice of the Lord (2 Nep.9:21)
(5) Repent, be baptized, and endure to the end (2 Nep.9:23-24)
(6) Be spiritually minded (2 Nep. 9:39)
(7) Feast upon that which perish not (2 Nep. 9:50-51)
(8) Remember the words of God (2 Nep. 9:52)
(9) Pray continually and give thanks (2 Nep 9:52)
After the scripture games, we had our tradition egg painting and of course the awarding of winners. 
Most Meaningful - Papa
Finalists for Most Meaningful - James, Jay-M, Frannie and Mama Modesta  
Most Original - Allan
Most Creative - Imee
Most Childlike (1st place) - Justin
Most Childlike (2nd place) - Jay M
Most Childlike (3rd place) - Jay A
Nominees for Most Childlike (all kids) - Mitch, Ian, James, Kyle, Frannie, Shane, Shan, and Alliune                                                  Most Laborious Design - Kuya Mike Nominees for Most Laborious - Mama Modesta, Frannie, Allan, Ian
Most Promising Artist (1st place) - Jay A
Most Promising Artist (2nd place) - Shane
Most Promising Artist (3rd place) - Ate Amy
Nominees for Most Promising Artists - all non winning entries
Budding Artist Awardee -(the two 4 year old who did their own eggs) - Alliune and Shan

For our dinner: Mama prepared Chicken, Pork Adobo With, drum roll...EGGS and lots of it!!

We concluded with expressing our gratitude for the Atonement of Jesus Christ and to always "CHEER UP OUR HEARTS"  because the Lord remembers His covenant people.


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  2. Hi Anne,

    Amazing craft work on eggs. I love the way your kid did painting on eggs. This is the great idea to celebrate Easter.


    1. Hi Brenda. Thanks for dropping by my blog. yea my nieces and nephews love to paint eggs on Easter and I was amazed that they came out really artistic and colorful!


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