Sunday, April 29, 2012

Papa's 60th Birthday and a week-long celebration!

by: Mhe-anne L. Ojeda

It's my father's 60th birthday today April 29, 2012! My niece Francine Kyle gave him his only wrapped birthday present. It was a necktie which he was very happy to have! (it is a family secret why he was extremely happy to have this necktie! lol)

Since Papa's birthday fell on a Sunday this year it is the quietest birthday for him. To keep the Sabbath day holy, we can't have our usual 3-day out of town trip on his actual birthday until May 1 (our family reunion). And although we earlier planned on staying at an ancestral house in Malasiqui, Pangasinan (courtesy of a good-hearted rich new friend) and travel to Hundred Islands from May 26 to 28, the plan fell through because I got sick. Anyway, we decided to have a 10-day celebration to make it a rewarding experience for him when I got well on Friday. 

April 27 (Friday) - I brought papa and mama to my appointment in Manila so we can dine in my fave resto (because of their unlimited best tasting gravy and blueberry cheesecake). It was so nice to see my papa smiling so sweetly after his crying spell a week before due to my mid April crisis which affected him.

April 28 - (Saturday) - Papa and mama was able to go home to their house in Bulacan to take a rest, pack for the forthcoming days as part of the birthday celebration.

April 29 -(Sunday) - attend Deparo Ward Church service as a family where Kyle gave him the necktie, then a simple family lunch and dinner together.

April 30 - (Monday) - Family Home Evening for his birthday. 

May 1- Have an "All You Can Eat" dinner at Kangaro Jack in Cubao near Araneta Coliseum. Last year we already celebrated Papa's 60th birthday in this resto, which after the dinner we realized Papa was only 59! (haha)

May 2 - Watch Game 5 of Basketball Finals - Commissioner's Cup at Araneta Coliseum. The last time we watched PBA game was 25 years ago when I was still in high school and the games were held in Ultra.

May 3-7 - Travel to Camarines Norte for a wedding where he is the sponsor and meet with his siblings and other relatives family. 

We love you Papa! You are actually not 60 years old but $59.99 haha...Oh well, actually you are the best epitome of 360- degree turn around - a mighty change of heart!! We are proud of you!!

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