Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Zamboanga Del Norte: 10 Levitating Shots and Picasa 3.9!

by: Mhe-anne L. Ojeda
Levitating at Dipolog City's Boulevard 
I love to take floating shots during travels! And so it was last March 5-9, 2012 while in Dipolog and Dapitan, the twin cities of Zamboanga Del Norte. But my levitating  shots then were much more fun. My two brothers Mike and Joel were jumping with me then! Yeahey!!!
Kuya Mike and Joel at Galas Gray Sand Beach in Dipolog
But wait, that's not the purpose of this post (which is written for FBW's Thursday Com Ex on Technology. lol).  My real reason for writing this will become clearer if you click on the above link and compare the photos of my jump shots in that post  and the photos here. Which do you like better? say it out loud please lol.
My Jump shot in Galas Gray Sand Beach with Kuya Mike
Well, I knew it! You like the photos here and you want to know why they are much more fun to look at! No worries, this post will spill the beans for you.
still at the Galas Gray San Beach but with a Basketball
What possible reasons for the difference in my jump shots? - did I finally gave in and joined the bandwagon of bloggers who are carrying the photographer's dream DLSR camera and discarded my light, pink Nikon Coolpix 12.0 that my prince gave me two years ago? or did I train harder at exercising (what?!) so I jump better and have more incredible, higher levitating shots? Nah. The secret is just in Picasa
At Jose Rizal's "Me Retiro Rock" in Dapitan
Picasa is the photo editing tool I use and play around with my pictures. It is free and so easy to use. But while I have been using it for years to enhance some of my photos, only today that I actually tried using it with my levitating shots!
At KShei Aqua Marine Park in Sicayab, Dapitan 
And you ask why? (again haha). Well, because I have just downloaded the new Picasa 3.9 version. In the new Picasa version, there are phletora of new editing effects and fixes that definitely improve my photos and create something totally unique.

Jumping With Kuya Mike in Sungkilaw Falls, Diwan, Dipolog
The biggest change in the new Picasa 3.9 version is the additional two tabs worth of Picknik effects incorporated in the Picasa software.  The ones I used for the jumpshot photos included in this post are Vignette, Border, Focal Zoom, Lomo-ish, and Boost. 

There are still a lot to try since there are 24 new editing effects added to the Basic Fix, Tuning, and Fun and Useful Imaging Processing. In some of these photos, I use Basic Fix like cropping, straighten and text in addition to the More Fun and Useful Imaging Processing options and the Even More Fun and Useful Imaging Processing choices. I am excited to try the others! How about you? 
Picnick Effects Used To Edit This Photo:
:Focal Zoom, Vignette, Boost, and Border
If you  say yes to Picasa 3.9 version, you can download it at now! Once you have uploaded the Picasa 3.9 version, I assure you it will be sooo easy to manipulate the photos depending on your preference. That's one good thing about Picasa, the steps are really for dummies like me!
Sky's the limit for our creativity! Happy Leap Year.
So here's to your new incredible, beautiful photos with the new Picasa. And just like  levitating shots, sky's the limit for what you can create! Happy Leap Year!!


  1. I love to read
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  2. Those levitating photos are all fantastic. I want to do it sometime too.

  3. i love these shots...i still don't know how to take photos like these..should have practice more myself..heheh

  4. When did this "jump shot" originate? and Where? I understand old camera didn't have the speed to capture the moments of moving object for it will only render a blurred shots. Nowadays digital cameras could take a moving pictures. Thus, "jump shots" pose and other similar picture-taking become a trend or shall we say "viral" You've got a nice jump shot pix here. :)

  5. i am from Dipolog.. hope you had a great time at our little city

  6. These are captures! Picasa is really of the reliable tools when it comes to images.

  7. I need to shred some pounds to be able to do that jump shots, hehe.

    Yours is very well done plus the photo effects is making them even more fantastic.

  8. Thanks @Dimaks for the comments and you should try at least once esp. it is leap year haha.@Gagay, glad you like the shots. we usually count 1-2 (click the shutter)-3 (person jump)!@ Gil, your comments made me think! oo nga no. when levitating shots began?i only know there is a Japanese girl who takes really incredible almost flying shots, but i understand it is all photoshopped and no real jump. at least ngayun combi na ng fast -capturing camera and with enhancement tools as picasa!

  9. Thanks @Leira! oh had i known you are from Dipolog I would have met you! yea we had an enjoyable trip in the twin cities and around. @ Adobo Tech, thanks for your two comments and using the superlatives in describing the shots! yea picasa is a wonderful, free tool for photo imaging!

  10. Jump shots look fantastic when you are able to capture your subject, and that's simply what you did. :)

  11. Nancy, on the contrary jumping will help in shredding some pounds as it did to me!haha.we have to jump several times to get the one we like so i lost more pounds during the trip. and thanks for the praises for both the picture takers (me and my bros in alternate) and the pictures editing tool!

  12. Jenny,thanks for the comments! we had to jump and jump and capture the right movements!saying that, looks like my brother joel takes better levitating shots than me coz the pics of me jumping is way better than my pics of them haha.

  13. I kinda like levitating shots too. It's like immortalizing movement.

  14. yes Grace. "levitating shots are immortalizing movements! i like that!!!thanks for dropping by.

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