Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Traveling Fashion In Summer and Winter!

by: Mhe-anne L. Ojeda

Season dictates our fashion while traveling - with summer and winter being on the opposite end of the pendulum. To me though, whether in summer or winter, my goal in fashion is to have a more fun feminine look with a  few pieces in my luggage (esp. if I want to travel in style while flash packing or backpacking) - chic head geareyeglasses, a layered tops ensemblesoft  bottoms, a small bag for knick knacks, and matching shoes that slip on and off easily . 
Summer Outfit in Aspen, Colorado (USA)
So for summerhats and caps are practical and stylish accessories to protect me from sun rays and takes little effort to polish my look; colorful soft tee-shirts over a plain white undershirt; a jacket same color with beltless pants; white gray easy strap Skechers; and eyeglasses that doubles as sun glasses. 

Winter Outfit in Alton, Utah (USA)
For winterknitted hooded mufflers work double duty by blocking chilly winds and as fashion pieces that is light yet provide the comfort and warmth on a cold day; jeggings/leggings; winter sneakers; white and colorful long sleeves for layering and black multi-tone eyeglasses.


  1. great outfit both summer and winter outfit

  2. winter is over ,change outfit na naman tayo.

  3. wondering when can i change outfit too?ahihihI!

    very fashionable outfits you got there Attorney!

  4. thanks @ ChrisAir for the nice comment.right @ Ms. Tess it is end of winter in US and welcome spring. @gagay,our Philippine version of summer and winter is spelled as dry and wet hhaha. Thanks for all the comments.

  5. i like your fashion sense. it's easy and comfortable without compromising the specific needs for the season. gusto ko rin maka experience ng snow!

  6. oh i can't relate as it's summer here all the time. ;)

  7. hmm... wish i could collect different type of clothes for different type of season too. i can only imagine how fun it will be.

  8. wow! ganda mga outfits a... kulang pa.. outfit sa spring and fall! wait namin ha?

  9. very nice outfit,, always update us pls...


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