Monday, December 19, 2011

Winter Travel: Packing Light,Possible?

by: Mhe-anne L. Ojeda

I’m leaving on Thursday for a 33-day travel around the United States, United Kingdom, some countries in Europe (with short stops in Singapore) to celebrate the holidays with my prince and meet family and friends. I am pretty excited. Everything is ready - all visas (US,UK and Schengen), tickets (courtesy of my prince) and world travel insurance!  With that I can now officially start packing!

I opened my so-called "winter closet" and put to good use the coats, gloves, mufflers, thermal wear, boots, sweat shirts, socks, hoods since it is winter in US and Europe at this time. In February 2009, I spent the winter mainly  in the US (California-Boston-New York-Philadelphia-New Jersey) for only three (3) weeks. I  survived the freezing temperature only because I have 2 suitcases of clothing that I could wear! Glad. I didn't have to travel alone frequently with those two big suitcases!

But for 33 days, I could easily see my winter clothing ensemble to fit at least 2 big suitcases with a carry-on luggage since I want to wear different clothing everyday (for picture purposes)! SO how then can I pack  “light” and fit everything in just one medium size luggage with no carry-on? If I don't pack light, I will punish myself carrying all three (3) suitcases as I migrate frequently between countries!

Well, I learn that the trick is to layer, and just change base layer every day AND do my laundry as needed! So, for my final count I am bringing the following items:

2 shoes - a pair of boots a and a water proof sneakers (SUPRA for added height)
2 coats - a water-resistant, black coat and a red cardigan coat for holiday color
4 pairs of socks - one red long (almost a full leggings), two knee-length and one toe socks
5 hooded mufflers - maroon, gray, white, pink and green
1 knitted cap and 2 scarves
6 tops including a thermal wear
6 bottoms - 2 jeggings (jeans leggings, black and blue), 3 leggings (black, white and gray), and a thermal.
10 pair of garments
1 polo shirt (to be worn on flight to Asia)
2 pairs of pajamas
1 pair of black sports attire
2 Sunday's Best clothes

Let's see if this will be enough to carry me through and enjoy the winter holiday without freezing!

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