Sunday, January 8, 2012

US Winter Road Trip 2012: Seven (7) Remembrances of US History In Philadelphia!

by: Mhe-anne L. Ojeda

It is never too late to discover history! And I mean that quite literally since we woke up really late last Saturday but that didn't stop us from driving to Philadelphiathe so-called cradle of America where I found rich remembrances of United States early history. 
Philadelphia traces its history back to March 4, 1681 when England's King Charles repaid the debt with William Penn by granting the family a land officially called Penn's Woods (as "sylvania" is Latin for woods). The society and governance established during Penn's time and thereafter when the United States began to take shape is still very much felt around the Independence National Historical Park and around the City Center.

1 National Constitution Centeris the most interactive history museum devoted to the U.S. Constitution and the story of WE, the people. 
2 Liberty Bell Center - larger - than - life historic documents and graphic image of the Bell as a symbol of freedom.
3 Independence Hall - built between 1732 and 1753, this was the site for the adoption of the Declaration of Independence and the drafting and signing of the U.S. Constitution. In more recent times, President John F.Kennedy delivered his speech in this hall during Independence Day on July 4, 1962. The tour is free but ticket is required March to December because of great number of visitors. 
4 Old City Hall -this was the site of the city hall of Philadelphia  and used to be the home of US Supreme Court from 1871 until 1800 when it moved to Washington D.C
Congress Hall -this is the building adjacent to the Independence Hall and was the seat of the United States Congress for almost 10 years from December 6, 1790 until May 14, 1800. Many historic events took place including the ratification of the Bill of Rights and the establishment of the U.S. Mint among others
.6Independence Square - this is Philadelphia's city block consisting of the Independence Hall, Old City Hall and Congress Hall. 
7 Benjamin FranklinPhiladelphia is almost synonymous with Benjamin Franklin who has made worthy contributions as a printer, diplomat, inventor, publisher, author, statesman, Postmaster, and more since he moved here from Boston when he was 17. This explains the many institutions,neighborhoods, buildings and streets that bear his name foremost of which is  Benjamin Franklin Parkway which is the so - called Philadelphia's Champs Elysees.


  1. Philadelphia is a big busy state that is full of history.I have a cousin living there and we were thinking of visiting her one day.

  2. such complicated i've read in this post! prong out of reach ko n ing mga information haha! but surely thankfull for sharing this very informative to everyone! xx

  3. You really love history don't you? :D

    That's great, travel and history in one. :D

  4. You are so well-traveled and I hope that I'd be able to do this also in the future. Ang galing lang kasi you didn't just visit these places, you've researched on them, too!

  5. wow! you're such a lucky gal to have opportunities to visit historical sites, and documenting them as well.

  6. You love touring around the world...
    ALMOST I guess. Such a lucky individual to have
    visited several historical places. have a safe trip always.

  7. Wish I could also visit that place someday :)


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