Thursday, August 4, 2011

US Summer 2011: JUNK Has A New Meaning In Aspen, Colorado!

by: Mhe-anne L. Ojeda

Junk is anything broken, outdated, ugly, useless, dead or moldy that one has to dump or recycle. But in Aspen, Colorado, JUNK means the hip, funky, clever and fun restaurant located at the corner of Hyman Avenue and Mill Street, adjacent to Aspen's dancing fountain.

My friend Leily brought me to this funky hot-spot one late summer afternoon while vacationing in Aspen. With its catchy name and perfect location I got excited to dine at this old-garage looking resto. We sat outside, although there's also an inside bar seating with more funky architectural feel.

I love the atmosphere and the food presentation! It is fun and creative that actually increased my appetite! The buffalo wings, California roll, chips & fries with watermelon as drinks were clean, reasonably priced especially for Aspen standards and really satisfying and filling that I considered it as my early dinner at that time.

But except for the good food, everything served on our table from plates, condiments jars, water glass jars and food holders were "junk" (or scrap items recycled and given a new look and clever new uses).

The overall decorations and architectural design in this amusing local hot-spot carries that "junk" look throughout and evident as you enter.

Noticed the old music stand transformed into a counter table decorated with old, torn, worn out, colorful balloons. Near the counter table are pantry pans doubling as menu holders.

The menu is creatively covered with a collage made of old candy & chocolate bar wrappers and paper art works. It is pretty neat and coincided with the old planter boxes, trash cans, chairs and little windows with junk display.

I will never missed the clever use of old jeans in this resto. It was pretty cool and hip to use the faded jeans, artfully arranged, as cushion for the chairs and booths.

I also love the old balloons, Barbie Dolls,Hot Wheels and other knick-knacks enclosed in glass underneath the bar and cashier. They were definitely an eye-cathing tableau!

And to complete that funky look - drinks are served in glass jars and you can't miss it! I definitely did not with my water and watermelon served in them!

Overall, JUNK resto is definitely worth a visit.It isn't junk in the real sense of the word!

(This is part of the 5-week US Summer Vacation series, which took place from June 30, 2011 to August 3,2011

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  1. you already na tlga atty. ikot ikot n;ng around the world. amishoo!

  2. Oh Aspen... I've got stories to tell you!
    I want to be able to visit Aspen too. In fact, the whole of CO is very attractive to me and not just cause the ex is from CO

  3. miss you dear, hope to travel with you kahit saan..puede in sa Palaui..

  4. Eileen we should travel to Aspen and Colorado to surprise and spite your ex haha..true Colorado is such a charming place all year round!

  5. ang sarap naman kumain dyan ,fresh air pa.

  6. Looks like you really had a blast in that restaurant.I'll definitely visit there if I'm given a chance to visit that place :)

  7. That restaurant is soooo innovative! I actually love establishments like that that make the most out of other people's 'trash' :)

  8. Looks like a great place to dine with friends and family. Hope I can visit that as well :)

  9. I liked how they used the jeans. Junk is a pretty nice concept except that it's a very weird name for a restaurant. And the buffalo wings are pretty big and plenty, naubos nyo bah yun?

  10. Wow ang creative naman nila and thought of using the stuff known as junks to something they could use to serve their food. Parang ang sarap nun buffalo wings!

  11. I like how they make use of junk for profit. Plus the food looks so delicious (most were my faves) ^_^

  12. The resto is so astig! Unique and really worth it.

  13. I wanted to see more of the food. That buffalo wings looks good! :D

    Hefty Foodie


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