Tuesday, August 2, 2011

US Summer 2011: Experiencing A Red Carpet In Aspen, Colorado!

by: Mhe-anne L. Ojeda

Aspen,Colorado is a popular destination for celebrities. It has been and currently home to the likes of Charlie Sheen, Michael Douglas,Catherine Zeta Jones, Kevin Costner, Mariah Carey, Antonio Banderas, Kate Hudson, Michelle Peifer,Jack Nicholson,and drum roll for David Beckham (and wife Victoria Beckham, sorry single hopefuls) and many others. As a squealer, let me admit that I didn't get to meet any of these famous stars during my stay in this world- renowned ski resort! (sob * sob *) haha.

But Aspen sans the celebrities doesn't mean sans the red carpet associated with the stars! On the contrary, I was the recipient of the star treatment courtesy of my friend host Leily, doing all the special efforts to make my visit to this Victorian town one that spells royalty!

Ten (10) Reasons I feel like a real STAR without having to wear designer gowns or wigs impersonating paparazzi eyed-Hollywood big stars!

1. Experiencing a privately chauffeured door-to-door ride on Colorado Mountain Express from Denver International Airport to Aspen Mountain Lodge which was arranged and paid for by Leily so I didn't have to worry about anything except showing up at the CME counter inside the airport. True there was no literal red carpet rolled down when I boarded CME vehicle, but the comfort and convenience I enjoyed while being treated to Colorado's abundant natural beauty is one I was so blessed to experience because of a hospitable friend!

2. Arriving at the door of Mountain Lodge Bed and Breakfast at around 11 in the evening,I was surprisingly delighted to see my name "Atty.Mhey Ann Ojeda" at the door with the key to my own room! Whoooah, I have stayed in many expensive hotels before but definitely it was my first time to be in a Bed and Breakfast with my name and own key.

3. Staying at a Bed and Breakfast mountain lodge is an absolute delight and way beyond my expectation of an accommodation in Aspen, Colorado (considering that B&Bs in Aspen in the summer is more than I can afford). I was already more than happy to share a room with my friend Leily ( which of course, I didn't know to be a lovely Aspen Mountain House Bed and Breakfast). But I stayed in the downstairs suite which is like having my own little apartment near Leily's room and near the kitchen, which didn't cost me anything for four nights!

4. Inside my room, I found this sign ("Welcome to Aspen Colorado Mhey Ann. Enjoy your Stay") that Leily made. And really, with a welcome drink at the lobby, my own room with a comfortable bed, a lovely bath with shampoos, soaps, plush towels, toothpaste, toothbrush, complete with beauty regimen like branded moisturizer, lotion, you name it, that Leily personally stuffed for me and a refrigerator that is fully loaded with my favorite chocolates, ice cream, drinks, cookies and chips (all courtesy of my friend Leily and not part of the Bed and Breakfast amenities) was more than I could expect for a very enjoyable stay.

5. Like a big star who is provided with new outfits for every function, I was thrilled to see my closet stuffed with different outfits needed for all the activities my friend Leily has lined up for four days I was there! It was a complete ensemble from tops,pants, skirt, jacket,shoes, slippers,caps/hats and bags! Plus, I don't need to return the clothes and shoes that I wore (pictures below)!!

6. Day 1 in Aspen was a Sunday,but not a lazy one! I tasted right away Aspen Culture which means "a time to exercise mind,body and spirit" through a Sunday service at LDS Aspen Branch where I met common LDS, a moving experience at the John Denver Sanctuary (read my experience here) and being able to experience the world class Aspen Music Festival with a picnic at the lawn and scoring free admission inside The Benedict Music Tent!

7. Day 2 - Leily treated me to see Aspen's most picturesque peak - Maroon Bells! The stunning view of the mountain, the river,and the aspen trees is one of the many highlights of my Aspen vacation which Leily paid for. The experience and the pictures I have taken of this most photographed mountains in North America, deserves a separate post which you should watch out! I couldn't thanked Leily enough for this awesome experience!

8.Day 3 was reserved for the thrilling ride on Silver Queen Gondola to the top of Aspen mountain to soak up the stunning view and enjoy an al-fresco lunch. Not only I appreciated Leily for paying for this Aspen's quintessential experience, but also for braving the lift/cable ride to one of Aspen's highest mountain!

9. My first and last day in Aspen was a walk around Downtown and shopping to my heart's content! My eyes feasted on designer's clothes for big stars like Louis Vitton,Burberry, Polo Ralph Lauren, among others. I scored big on lots of stuff at the high-end consignment stores we visited and got more stuff at the shops including a pink Princess stuffed toy, Aspen shirt and cap and Aspen pink and green snowman( I am crazy about) which Leily got for me!

10.My return trip from Aspen to Denver is an ultimate red carpet treatment. How about a First Class ticket on United Airlines with a personal assistance through her good friend who works for the airlines? I don't know what you call that, but to me that is a complete bliss!!

Although I wasn't able to reward my friend Leily with a token described in the Aspen's Star Program , I want her to know how grateful I am for all she did for me while in Aspen. I truly feel big and important (more than what I deserve). Thanks Leily - my shining star!

(This is part of the 5-week US Summer Vacation series, which took place from June 30, 2011 to August 3,2011

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