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143 JOURNEYS: Atlantic City,New Jersey!

by: Mhe-anne L. Ojeda

Date: July 24, 2011
Location: Atlantic City,New Jersey (USA)

*For my fourth offering in the 143 Journeys, I write about Atlantic City, New Jersey, the venue for our fourth anniversary celebration!
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Aside from being just an hour away from Freehold, New Jersey where we were staying, you may be wondering why non-gamblers like us would choose Atlantic City, the so-called Las Vegas, the Sin City of the East Coast as venue for an anniversary date.

Surprisingly, Atlantic City is like a huge theme park, with lots of day and night attractions which are not casino or gambling related. And we didn't have to go too far as everything can be found along the World Famous Atlantic City Boardwalk. Considered to be the heart, soul and backbone of Atlantic City, fun attractions were just a stroll away, the wooden way!

Here's my Eight unforgettable picks which put a new twist on our dating, only proving that Atlantic City is Always Turned On and that is contagious!

1. Seaside Pampering!

Unlike Vegas, Atlantic City is a seaside paradise.So our first stop was the beach where we found lots of people enjoying fun-in-the-sand activities since it was summer. I hurriedly removed my shoes and socks and took the plunge. Oh boy! the water was cold, freezing cold for me haha..But what happened after that has turned me on: my prince asked me to step atop his feet so I didn't have to walk barefoot in the sand with my wet feet. And while he was carrying my weight, my prince was alternately drying off my tootsies with a hanky! Prince pampering!

2. Ocean of Love, This Ones For You

Since I am a music lover it was a huge turn on for me to see the Hollywood Walk of Fame - style plaques at the entryway of Resorts, the first casino hotel in Atlantic City. The entry way is adorned with the handprints and autographs of stars who performed at the Resorts over the years like Luciano Pavarotti,Wayne Newton, Tom Jones, Cher, Diana Ross and many others. The plaque signed by Engelbert Humperdinck which bears the inscription "An Ocean of Love" and Barry Manilow's "This One's For You" are my favorites echoing what I wanna tell my prince.

3. Walk Through The Crowd

I was amazed to see canopied chairs-on-wheels aboard many visitors doing a scenic tour along the Boardwalk of Atlantic City. Those wicker are called Rolling Chairs and have been the city's treasure since the 1800s. But I ditched Rolling Chairs ride (but take pics) despite its promise of relaxation, because walking through a crowd with my prince was much more romantic. With my prince acting as my photographer, it felt like the first time we dated in Cebu! Also I had lots of opportunities drawing my prince closer and tighter and mirroring each other movements!

4. Light Up My Life

Atlantic City's Absecon Lighthouse is New Jersey's tallest lighthouse with 228 steps. It is also one of the oldest lighthouses in the United States having been first lit in 1857. We were too late to go up top since we got there at 5pm closing time, but we were lucky to see the sky aglow with the sunset and able to watch the magic unfold before our eyes!

5. Spicing Up Trivia

Believe it or not,I was surprised to see Ripley's Believe It or Not Museum in Atlantic City! It cost $15.95 plus tax to see the almost 400 eye-opening exhibits inside the eclectic odditorium which is open on a Saturday from 10am to 9pm. We had very limited time though so we decided to check it some other time. Glad we did, coz we learned more about this historic city by just checking several amazing pier arcades!

7.Chic'est Hotel Illumination At Night

Since Atlantic City is "Always Turned On", the best time to be there is at night. I was completely turned on with the artistic revelry as place illuminates at night both inside and out!

8.Tummy Immersion

Simultaneous with the setting of sun were our grouching stomachs and Atlantic City has proven to be a foodie haven. There was even a so - called "Atlantic City Boardwalk Food" of pizza, pretzels and hot dogs. But we decided to try one of the famous-name themed restaurants for a change. We checked out the Rainforest ("A Wild Place To Shop and Eat")but were not so lucky to find a seat. A more sophisticated gourmet room to the rescue - La Piazza Buffet inside Ceazar's Palace! There's nothing that could turn me on more than a mouthwatering meal at a cozy place!

And just like Atlantic City, my prince will always turn me on!

(This is part of the 5-week US Summer Vacation series, which took place from June 30, 2011 to August 3,2011

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  1. love the beach of Atlantic city"

  2. hey Morion.good beach generally for US but of course not as beautiful as ours.also too cold still in the summer.but of course i like my date so still turn on haha. thanks for dropping by my blog.i'll add you in my PTB list.


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