Tuesday, July 19, 2011

US Summer 2011: Smelling the Roses and More in Santa Clara University!

by: Mhe-anne L. Ojeda

Date: July 6, 2011
Location: Santa Clara University in Santa Clara,CA

'Stop and smell the roses' is a cliché that means that a person is over-worked, or is not taking time to enjoy the pleasures of life so suggest that she slows down and pays attention to what is going on around her. Totally not me huh!

My friend slash driver/tour guide uncle John Senior from San Jose, seemed to have taken this adage literally when he brought us to the University of Santa Clara. Yea,it has been a long time since I have actually been to a rose garden and smelt the roses.

University of Santa Clara , a Catholic, Jesuit faith-based college founded in 1851, boasts of its gorgeous 106-acre campus - beautifully manicured, lush lawns and gardens. The University enjoys a moderate climate year-round; the sun shines approximately 300 days a year so great for the roses.

The rose garden is beautiful but it is also rather small. However, if you are into photography this is an awesome place to be. The roses are absolutely stunning and they have many different breeds,colors, shapes and sizes. I learned that a differently colored rose has a different scent!hhhhmmmm...

Aside from the rose garden, you can also see the St. Clare of Assisi Memorial Garden . The garden was installed inside the Santa Clara University campus in 2003 on the 750th anniversary of the death of St. Clare (c. 1193-1253).The garden contains plants arranged in five main groups to portray the stages of Clare's life.

Childhood: Wild flowers native to Central Italy
Girlhood: Medicinal and household herbs commonly used during Clare's time
Conversion: Lavender Garden, a symbol of purification, surrounding a basin, a symbol of baptism and conversion
Monastic Life: Kitchen Garden with typical medieval vegetables
Spiritual Life: Mary Garden, flowering plants traditionally associated with the Virgin Mary and Jesus.

St. Claire is a religious mystic and follower of apostolic poverty, spiritual friend of St. Francis, and the first woman in Western Europe to compose a rule of religious life for women.

Surrounded by the roses and palm trees of the historic Mission Gardens is another historic edifice Mission Santa Clara de Asis. Located at the center of the campus, Mission Santa Clara de Asis was instituted in 1777 and it is the eighth oldest of the original 21 California missions.

Mission Santa Clara de Asís functions as chapel and centerpiece of the university campus. It is open to visitors every day.

The campus is actually very nice. A good place to take a stroll in one nice sunny afternoon and appreciates life's simple pleasures! Literal or cliche, when in Santa Clara, Stop at the SCU Campus and Smell the Roses!

(This is part of the 5-week US Summer Vacation series, which took place from June 30, 2011 to August 3,2011 particularly in California)

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  1. love the flowers! missing you atty. mhe-ann! :)

  2. thanks Ms. Gael for dropping by my blog. Miss you too,but things had been pretty weird and cray lately don't know how to manage hehe..keeping in touch with you through your blog and FB..not a day passed without me checking it but sometimes in a hurry to leave comments. keep on smiling...


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