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US Summer 2011: Museums Trekking in Sacramento,California!

by: Mhe-anne L. Ojeda

Date: July 1, 2011
Location: Old Sacramento, Downtown Sacramento and Midtown Sacramento

Sacramento, California boasts of at least 27 culturally rich and diverse museums dealing with fine arts, applied arts, craft, archaeology, anthropology and ethnology, history, cultural history, military history, science, technology, children's museums, maps, natural history, botanical & zoological gardens, philately,etc. Name it and surely Sacramento has it.

So after sampling six (6) museums subject of my post Mad About Museums in Sacramento,California , Fred and Jacque gave me a driving tour of the ten (10) remaining museums within the Downtown, Midtown and Old Sacramento areas for more museum trekking experience.

Though I have not been inside any of these museums (for lack of material time eeh!), I am providing a list for those of you who may find yourself in this capital State of California in the near or far future like my favorite travel blogger friend Gay Mitra - Emami of Pinay Travel Junkie . You will note that in some museums,you may be able to submerge yourself in the past without having to pay a dime! Check it out!

1. Old Sacramento School House Museum
Location: 1200 Front Street, Old Sacramento
Hours: Mon-Sat 10am - 4pm; Sunday 1pm -4pm
Admission Fee: FREE

The Old Sacramento School House Museum is a living replica of an 1800s one-room school house where one can experience California's early days of education.

My Wishlist: To have costumed schoolmarms and school masters led me in a lesson. Yea,that's a teacher's instinct in me.

2. California Automobile Museum
Location: 2200 Front Street, Downtown Sacramento
Hours: Daily 10am - 6pm; 3rd Thursday 10am -9pm
Admission Fee: $8 Adults/ $7 Vintage (65 and older)/ $4 Students /Children under 4 -FREE

If you fancy automobiles, then the California Automobile Museum (formerly the Towe Auto Museum) is just right for you! With 150 vehicles consisting of early models, race cars, luxury cars, hybrids prototypes and environmentally advanced cars, ,artifacts and memorabilia on display, you will surely go Vroom! Vroom!!

My Wishlist: To enjoy a soda in the 50s style ice cream parlor!

3. California Museum
Location: 10th and 0 Streets, Downtown Sacramento
Hours: Mon-Sat 10am - 5pm; Sunday 12nn-5pm
Admission Fee: $8.50 Adults/ $7 Seniors/College Students/$6 (Youth 6-13)/Children under 5 -FREE

If learning about California's rich history is your thing, head out to The California Museum, originally named the Golden State Museum. Opened in June 1998, the museum serves as a cultural destination dedicated to telling the rich history of California. The museum is also home to the California Hall of Fame which recognizes legendary Californians who have influenced the state, the nation.

My Wishlist: To see, read, touch and take a picture of the sculpted words from the state’s Constitution on the towering six -story Constitution Wall!

4. California State Indian Museum
Location: 2618 K Street, Midtown Sacramento
Hours: Daily 10am -5pm except on Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year's Day
Admission Fee: $3 Adults/ $2 (Youth 6-17)/Children under 5 -FREE

Long before the Gold Rush, Native Americans made their home in California. So to learn more about a little of everything Indian like basketry, beadwork, work tools, clothing, traditions of various California Indian tribes and unique cultural heritage, a visit to the California State Indian Museum should be in your must-visit list.

My Wishlist: To try traditional Native American tools at the museum's hands-on exhibit

5. California State Military Museum
Location: 1119 2nd Street, Old Sacramento
Hours: Tue-Thu/Sun 10am-5pm/ Fri-Sat 10am-6pm except on Thanksgiving, Christmas, Easter and New Year's Day
Admission Fee: $5 Adults/ $3 Seniors (55+) & Youth (ages 6-17)/Children under 5 -FREE

Attention! The California State Military Museum is the official military museum and historical research center of the State of California by virtue of the legislation signed by no less than Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger last 13 July 2004. Today the museum houses weapons, uniforms,photos,over 30,000 artifacts as well as 18,000 volume research library and archives.

My Wishlist: None.haha.I like the note that "our program does not glorify war. Rather, its intent is to remind this and future generations of the sacrifices made by previous generations to keep our state and nation free".

6.Crocker Art Museum
Location: 216 0 Street, Downtown Sacramento
Hours: Tues-Sunday 10am -5pm Thursday 10am -9pm. Closed on Mondays (except holiday Monday), Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year's Day
Admission Fee: $10 Adults/ $8 Senior (65+) & College Students/ $5 Youth(7-17)/Children under 6 -FREE.

Crocker Art Museum was established in 1885 and is the first museum in the Western United States. I was told that the museum features one of the finest collections of California arts and Europe and Asian ceramics.

My Wishlist: To visit the museum on any of the five Monday holidays in 2011 - Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, Presidents Day, Memorial Day, Labor Day and The Monday after Christmas and participate in the hands-on art activities, music and dance performances, readings, film screenings, and more for FREE!

7. Governor's Mansion State Historic Park
Location: 16th and H Street, Midtown Sacramento
Hours: Daily 10am -4pm except on Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year's Day
Admission Fee: $5 Adults/ $3 Youth(6-17)/Children under 5 -FREE

Enjoy looking at the opulently decorated rooms at the popularly known as the Governor's Mansion State Historic Park. Built in 1877 to use as a home for California's first families, the regal Victorian mansion was home to the families of 14 governors including former President Ronald Reagan and his wife Nancy with their two children.

My Wishlist: To learn the tales, secrets and mischief of the families that lived in the mansion. Yea, the tsismosa instinct in me haha

8. Leland Stanford Mansion State Historic Park
Location: 800 N Street, Downtown Sacramento
Hours: Guided Tours from 10am -4pm.
Admission Fee: Free for Visitor's Center,For Guided Tours $5 Adults/ $3 Youth(6-17)/Children under 5 -FREE

As the name suggests, the Leland Stanford State Historic Park was the elegant mansion of former California governor, railroad tycoon and founder of Stanford University, Leland Stanford. To see the mansion's Victorian grandeur, avail of a guided tour daily since this mansion is also a museum open to the public! If you do not want to pay a dime,just stay at the park's Visitor Center and Store and check out Victorian garden around!

My Wishlist: Rub elbows with dignitaries during one of the protocol meetings and receptions hosted by the Governor, the Legislature and Constitutional Officers of California. Yea, the lawyer in me!

9. Sacramento Historic City Cemetery
Location:Broadway at 10th Street
Hours: Daily
Admission Fee: Free

Ok,ok I know what you are thinking. But before you auto delete Sacramento Historic City Cemetery from your must-see list,read on. As a true outdoor museum, the cemetery is adorned with ornate statues, dramatic markers and lush gardens to complete the record of California's history from the Gold Rush Era until today!

My Wishlist: To see the popular "Lantern Tours" held in October!

10.Sutter's Fort State Historic Park
Location: 2701 L. Street, Midtown Sacramento
Hours: Guided Tours from 10am -4pm.
Admission Fee: Free for Visitor's Center,For Guided Tours $5 Adults/ $3 Youth(6-17)/Children under 5 -FREE

The Fort was built within the New Helvetia (New Switzerland) in 1839 by a Swiss immigrant named John Sutter which he used as a temporary refuge to pioneers. As the region's original commerce center, the fort offered a blacksmith shop, bakery,living quarters and more.

My Wishlist: To meet colorful bunch of costumed "living history" docents!

(This is part of the 5-week US Summer Vacation series, which took place from June 30, 2011 to August 3,2011 in California, Colorado, Illinois, Ohio, Michigan, New Jersey, New York, Pemnsylvania, and Indiana)

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