Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Reasons For These Levitating Snapshots...

by: Mhe-anne L. Ojeda

My official entry to LEVY's Living Life To The Fullest blog contest "What are the things/situations that would make you feel like levitating?"

Levitation is from a Latin word which means being suspended in the air by a physical force against gravity. One common example is taking a jump shot.

So "What are the things/situations that would make me feel like levitating? I would say, traveling! Yea, I was reminded instantaneously of the many pictures of me levitating during my trips. It seems like my travel would not be complete without a jumpshot of me and my travel companions haha. Here are some of the situations from latest to oldest where I levitated and the particular reason for the jumpshot.

(solo jumpshot in Calaguas last April 2011)

Reason: How excited I was and delighted in being able to see one of the islands in the Calaguas Group of Islands in my hometown, Vinzons,Camarines Norte. Seeing the beautiful island of Tinaga for the first time with magnificent view of nature, cool crisp water, ultra-fine, long stretch of white sand and beautiful sunset prompted this jumpshot!

( group jumpshot in Calaguas last April 2011)

Reason: Meeting my cool new friends Sally Velasco, Brian Colona, Issa Collantes, Ruby Ann Ocampo, Aya Palillo, and Jeremy Aganan made us do the jumpshot in the cool water and fine sand of Calaguas!

(levitating in the water of Caramoan Island last August 2010)

Reason: My first jumpshot in the water of Caramoan Island with my friend Tess Calingacion. It is an amazing feeling to actually see myself jumping out of the water, suspended in the air a little, while a friend captures the moment with my camera set in "sports mode" and knowing I have an adventure partner who would do everything to make me happy.

( levitating solo at Mount Mayon,Albay in August 2010)

Reason: Showing my family how to do a jumpshot and how to capture it well on a digital camera! How poised!

( group jumpshot at Mount Mayon,Albay in August 2010)

Reason: A Family That Jumps Together, Stays Together! could be the perfect couplet! My family (driver Cezar, papa, mama, ate Margo and Kuya Mike) were the coolest travel buddies. I just dared them to do the jumpshot and they gladly conceded. But as in every firsts,took us forever to perfect the jump.Thanks to the Cagsawa Ruins young photographer for the patience!

( solo jumpshot at Cagsawa Ruins in Mayon,Albay in February 2010)

Reason: This was my first take on trick photography courtesy of the Cagsawa Ruins boys in Albay! I don't really have to jump high, but look! I touched the tip of the Cagsawa church ruins!

( group jumpshot with my Canadian CS guest at Cagsawa Ruins, Albay in February 2010)

Reason: My earlier take on trick photography inspired my Couch Surfer guest Sean Pegg from Canada to do the jump nicely!

(group jumpshot at Sentosa,Singapore last October 2009 )

Reason: To test how cool my close friends Judith Mayocyoc,Jean Marcaida and Joseph Marcaida were! This was during my birthday trip to Sentosa,Singapore.Seeing the changing colors of the castle at night made way for my birthday request of a jumpshot. It took us forever to have a synchronized jump haha!

(group jumpshot at the Petronas Sky Bridge in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia last September 2009)

Reason: Gave me a sense of being able to do the impossible. The jump shot also became the best and the shortest way of telling others how fun it is to be at the Petronas Sky Bridge between the two towers on 41st and 42nd floors, which is the highest 2-story bridge in the world!

(jumpshot with friends at Ocean Park, Hongkong)

Reason: Alright, Alright. I did not actually levitate here.But give me points for the effort hahaha. Thanks to Jean Marcaida for not jumping as well! Kudos to both Nilo Cabuyao and Ping Olivare for the nice jumps!

How about you? What are the things/situations that would make you feel like levitating? - Answer this question and you too can win in this contest - whether you are a blogger or non -blogger.Check this link for the mechanics Have A Chance To Win A Total of $150 For Non -Bloggers and Have A Chance To Win A Total of $500 For Bloggers .

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  1. ang cute ng jumpshots mo tita mheanne! :)

  2. Hey Gay and Brenna thanks for the comments! You too are the best!! And Gay, I also like the Cagsawa jumpshot. It only shows that it is better to have the trick photographer do the shots for a little fee at the Cagsawa Ruins than trying my skill haha.

  3. love jumpshots! kahit yata san tayo magpunta di mawawala magkaron ng jumspshot! :)

  4. i agree adventurous feet. there's a feeling of satisfaction and the adrenalin rush associated with every jump and having captured the jump make it a conversation piece and attract attention..

  5. KJ ang mga hindi jumajumpshot! hahaha.
    parte na nga talaga yan ng bawat travel..marami rin akong jumpshots!


  6. Atty. Mhe-anne, hindi ako mahilig sa jumpshot, pero hanga ako sa jumpshot mo with Mt. Mayon as backdrop. Parang nasa tuktok ka na volcano ah. Trick din pala yan sa camera.:-).

  7. hello Darwin,tama! KJ is the right word sa ayaw magjumpshot pag kasama tayo haha..or baka naman may rayuma lang. kaya papa at mama ko game na game sa jumpshot para di matawag na KJ at may rayuma. hope to see your blog entry. wanna see the jumpshots style mo!!

  8. Sir Bon.oo trick lang yan. ang gagaling ng mga batang Cagsawa boys. parang professional silang kumuha.kaya parang they treat it as work na rin so di nakakahinayang magpa take ng jumpshots sa kanila!

  9. Nice jumpshots! Also love your blog's background. Very nice.

  10. Thanks Charlie for dropping by my blog and for the encouraging comments. I have check your blog as well and you have a budding blog which would be good in the long run. Keeping a blog is a de-stressor for me and it is a plus when someone likes it! I'm sure you'll have that satisfaction too.

  11. You looked like you had a lot of fun with these jump shots! :)

  12. Thank you Dylan for the comment and for checking my blog. I haven't blog for awhile while here in the US so good you dropped by. I will add your blog in my bloglist. Happy blogging!!


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