Saturday, June 4, 2011

Pangasinan Road Trip 13: The Real Joy of Road Tripping (Urdaneta and Villasis)

by: Mhe-anne L. Ojeda

Here's my 13th post on my road trips to Pangasinan. 13 they say is lucky so here's a little confession (wink,wink). My frequent trips in and around Pangasinan are not primarily to experience new scenery with friends, spend quality time with loved ones, or an educational expedition as what most road trips are for. Mine is for business with predetermined routes and objectives in mind at each stop during the four - hour drive!

So while I can always combine business and pleasure as in my nature (which explains the twelve previous posts), I miss the usual spontaneity (or the so-called "slow down-to-smell-the roses" thingy during the drive, as I get caught up in the itinerary and trying to meet time schedule.

My recent back -to- back- to - back trips to Urdaneta City, Pangasinan last May 26, May 27 and June 2 were different. Yea,that's a lot of driving along the North Diversion road but that's not the point here haha.

I am still psyched that I was able to accomplish daunting tasks in Urdaneta City and still found myself on the road back to Manila when the sun was still up, to experience the real joy of taking a road trip as opposed to flying. Oh the joy of being able to check off-the-wall attractions along the road in Urdaneta, Villasis and Rosales Pangasinan, being able to pull over the car whenever I see a "good" buy and being able to actually load all those nicest finds (pasalubong) in the car! For the first time, I was able to take many pictures along the way and have lots of them to remind me of the experiences long after I pulled back in the garage!

Here are some of the new things added on my Pangasinan's Road Trip folder:

1. Be sure to take home some of Pangasinan's famous products being sold at the long -line of stalls from "happy" peddlers along Mc Arthur Highway at Brgy. Nancayasan, Urdaneta City

Urdaneta City is a transportation hub of Eastern Pangasinan which makes it a strategic location for traders and peddlers. You can't miss (well, I did miss it before) the long-line of stalls along Mc Arthur Highway within Barangay Nancayasan where you can find all of Pangasinan towns' famous products like Lingayen's “bagoong” [salted fish paste or shrimp paste), Sual and San Fabian's dried salted fish,Dasol and Infanta's salt,Calasiao's bite-sized “puto” (steamed rice cakes), Bayambang’s “buro” (fermented rice-and-fish mix), Binalonan and Bugallon's vinegar,San Carlos City's bamboo crafts and mangoes, Mangaldan's “tapa” (processed beef strips), Mapandan's molasses and muscovado sugar, and Pangasinan's ubiquitous tupig.

Eight (8) packs with 3 tupig each pack is Php 100. I bought worth P500 for each of my brother's family and my parents.

2. Eat free "Halo-Halo' at Huat Chan Tea House in Urdaneta City

Yea, the Halo-Halo is free for all those who will dine at Huat Chan Tea House, a chinese restaurant located along Urdaneta City center. The free treat (unlimited servings,as much as you can handle) can be availed of in buffet or ala-carte. Nice di ba! (I wonder if they will change the promo now that it's rainy season. How about a hot chocolate? plssss...)

3. Check Out The Sandwiched Pangasinan Town of Villasis

Villasis is a first class municipality in between Urdaneta City and Rosales, Pangasinan and a bustling, busy 24-hours-a-day town with major bus lines traversing the area. You can't miss the city hall, auditorium and the market which are just along the road.

4. Stop and Buy Fruits and Nuts at Ubiquitous Stalls and Peddlers

Commencing from Villasis, Pangasinan until you reached San Fabian (with arrow marker to Anao, Tarlac), you can find a lot of stalls selling cheap, local fruits and nuts! I got my favorites seedless watermelon (Php 100), my very first yellow watermelon (Php 150), five (5) bunches of singkamas (white turnip) with each bunch consisting of 7 to 8 pieces (Php 100), and five (5) cans of peanuts (Php 35/kilo).


  1. Free halo-halo?! I want. Road trips in the Philippines are the best.

  2. Hello Grace! Thanks for dropping by. Have you tried halo-halo during your visit? I'm sure you went around a lot and sayang wasn't able to meet you. Maybe we can meet if you are back in San Diego.I have a month-long vacation this July (June 30-Aug 3)and I'll be in the San Francisco area for nine days so maybe i can fly to san diego if you are willing to host me a night or so haha..please let me know.


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