Tuesday, April 19, 2011

2011 Holy Week in Bicol: Day 1 - Enjoying Bicol's Delicacies

by: Mhe-anne L. Ojeda

I was tasked by relatives of my mom side to bring my lola home to Talisay, Camarines Norte in time for the Holy Week. She was in Manila for the first ever family reunion of the Lavarro family in March.

Since the nearby town of Vinzons,Camarines Norte is my father's hometown, I planned on a week-long' stay here from April 18-23, 2011 with my papa,mama, brother Mike (who is also my paralegal at the law firm),my nephew James (coz it is his birthday today April 19 but we'll celebrate tomorrow ) and Francine Kyle so she can dip in the beach (they said good for her skin asthma).

So the idea is to be a good grand daughter (ahem!)and get a much - needed vacation ( been stressed! huh lately )while earning some bucks too. Strike a deal with my brother! We agreed that he will work on the legal matters in Legazpi City while I enjoy some hometown's delight! Yea, I call that fair for now haha!

Well, he is in for a reward. I booked the two of us for Calaguas Island Adventure (a paradise I have seen in pictures and read in blogs only last week and I'm excited!).

We got here last night after a 10-hour drive from Quezon City, with lots of stop overs for lunch in Quezon, Province and dinner in Daet,Camarines Norte (yea, Jollibee baby!) before bringing my lola home. Then we proceeded in Mangcawayan, Vinzons to stay at my cousin's house.

Today is "relatives house hopping" and enjoying "kakanin" and Bicol's delicacies!

1. Balao (fermented shrimp paste)

2. Humba (braised pork belly) - this is a popular dish in Bicol during fiestas and other occasions. Because humba is a sweet dish,I actually does not fancy it.I ate a lot though because I dipped it in laing haha.

3. Laing (dried taro leaves cooked in coconut milk) - this is an unbeatable Bicol's dish. I prefer our version because the taro leaves are dried and we do not include the taro stem and we put lots of siling labuyo.

4. Pinakro(unripe banana sliced and cooked in coconut milk)
- I have too much potassium so I can't eat banana especially on an empty stomach. But pinakro is an exception.It seems like I can eat it ok!

5.Nilupak (another banana snack that I can handle)- both in eating and cooking! Yehey!! I experienced making nilupak the traditional way! Heard that few families now have lusong (grinder like a big version of a mortar and pestle) and so they grind the banana at the market!

What You Need:

The Ingredients:

21 pcs of nearly to ripe banana (saba)
1 pc grinded coconut meat
1/2 Kl sugar


1. Boil, let cool and peel bananas.
2. Pound or grind bananas.

3. Add sugar and grinded coconut meat and grind them together.
4. Spread margarine in a basin and formed there the grinded mixture.


  1. I miss those Bicol delicacies, balao is always the hardest to find overseas especially the fresh ones :)

  2. I miss nilupak! I used to eat this way back in early 80s in my father's hometown in Bohol. Hahaha! This is usually done (the grinding first then nilupak feast follows!) during merienda time and we kids were very amazed with the giant "lusong"! I'm thankful that I got to experience the simplicity of life in the province. :)

  3. Thanks Claire for checking this blog post.first time to have balao after almost 20 years!Love it!!

  4. You're right about the "grinding first then nilupak feast follows"!.mine though is grinding for pic only and a real feast hahhaa..thanks Jazz for checking my blog!


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