Thursday, March 24, 2011

Highs and Lows in Caramoan Islands with My Adventure Partners!

by: Mhe-anne L. Ojeda

Enjoying Caramoan's pristine paradise ( as in my previous blog entry) Caramoan-Island-Hopping is affected mainly by high tides and low tides!

Good thing, I have adventure partners fit for those highs and lows,and made my Caramoan adventure possible.

Since it was already low tide when we got to Caramoan, the boat couldn't come close to get us. My adventure partners to the rescue! They pushed the smaller boat on the mud until we could board the boat to go cruising.Thanks to the Caramoan Banca boys, my adventure partners!

In the different islands of Caramoan, I found my alter-ego,like-minded buddy, adventure partner Tess! It was so much fun to wade, snorkel,swim, go boating, pose for pictures and enjoy fun moments in the cool crisp water with her. Tess is a true blue adventure partner!

After a fun-filled Caramoan's best, I met another adventure partner. It was low tide when we got to Sabang's port, so the boat could not dock near the shore. Thanks to another nameless adventure partner! He carried me on his back (high!) and brought me safely to dry ground! He is one of the Sabang's Porters who carried me on his shoulders to get off the boat dry!

Reminiscing my first ever adventures in Caramoan gives me a real high! Not only because of the beauty of the place but mainly because of high - spirited, low-keyed adventure partners - Caramoan Banca Boys, buddy Tess and the Sabang Porter !!

My entry to the wanderlass My Adventure Partner Contest .


  1. cheers to good friends! thanks for the cool entry! =)

  2. thank you Liliane for the comments. BTW, I already got my prize for the first contest. It is way nice!!Love it. I am excited to write about it!!Thanks for the contest you had!!


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