Monday, February 21, 2011

Manic Monday Blog Post: Hotel Sofitel and GTS!!

by: Mhe-anne L. Ojeda

With a hectic week ahead, I am again singing a familiar song of the '80s called "Manic Monday". So before I get too stressed and keyed up with a heap of contract reviews and meetings, I think of something sweet and relaxing to write about.

And when I say "sweet" I mean it literally, as those "pleasurable experiences involving this basic taste - sweet!". And "relaxing" means "casting off social restraint, nervous tension, and anxiety" as in writing is so far my biggest stress reducer,coupled with a weekly massage, daily chats with my prince who reminds me to take it easy and being in a company of good friends!

I don't have to search too far back in the past for a sweet and relaxing time. I still vividly remember an unplanned dinner date with some of my former law students who call themselves Gorgeous Tenacious Superfriends (GTS) (who are now uber talented lawyers Yancy, Caron, Merz, Cheng and Budj) at Hotel Sofitel Plaza Manila in December 2010.

It was so much fun to be with GTS which used to mean Girl Talk Saturdays. With the addition of some guys like Budj, GTS evolved into what it is now - a super friends club! I felt right at home with them although it has been more than 5 years of no communication. They remind me so much of my law teaching days and how my students think that I am serious, terror and boring hahaha (but at least Yancy knows me better!). Also they disproved that friendships in law school are only skin deep (or last at least until graduation). They have a regular bonding time!

Hotel Sofitel Plaza Manila in Roxas Boulevard is a much - talked about luxury hotel because of its smorgasbord of international delights offered at its Spiral Buffet. There were multiple buffet stations, each one serving selections of different cuisines like my fave Japanese, Korean, and Mediterranean dishes. My taste bud was truly delighted!!

After a satisfying shrimps feasts - fresh, sushi type, dimsum, salads and fried rice, I jumped for joy seeing the incredible dessert station. I was too full, however, but managed to finish a plate of my favorite gummy bears!!!

So on busiest and most chaotic time as this week ahead, memories of time with friends like the GTS and a truly satisfying sweets is indeed a time well spent!

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