Friday, February 18, 2011

Pangasinan Road Trip 7: A Hundred To Myself!

by: Mhe-anne L. Ojeda

What are 100 plus things you can have or do in 3 hours? drummm roll...visiting the Hundred Islands in Brgy. Lucap, Alaminos City, Pangasinan!

Yes, the Hundred Islands National Park collectively comprises 123 limestone islands (124 during low tide), which are actually ancient corals scattered along Lingayen Gulf. Because we have to be back in Lingayen before lunch time, we arranged to see the three (3) most developed islands namely: Governor, Quezon, and Children's Island from 8am to 11am! We would have wanted to be in the islands as early as 7am but I overslept! (blame it on the sweet accommodation at Villa Antolin!)

Governor's Island

The Governor’s Island was our first stop after a 15-minute boat ride from Lucap Wharf. There is a short stretch of white sand beach and a canopy of trees perfect for eating our packed tapsilog (and bread/bacon) prepared by Villa Antolin. Because it was still early, no one is collecting the P20 entrance fee nor the P200 for picnic table rental.(Lucky us!)

After the breakfast, we went up to the view deck which offers beautiful views of the other islands. It was amazing up there! I took pictures at different angles as my eyes feasted on the beauty of the place!

I feel so lucky to have all these islands to myself!!

Quezon Island

After about 45 minutes, we sailed to Quezon Island,an island named after the former Philippine Commonwealth President Manuel L. Quezon.He has a statue on top of the rocks (near the nipa huts and comfort rooms) and so I imitated his pose overlooking the island.

Quezon Island is probably one of the most visited in the National Park and it is the busiest. The water is cool and crisp and so my driver immediately dived in. I satisfied myself with taking a hundred pictures reminding of my previous blog entry on Philippines Sea, Sand and Sky! Definitely this picture is a nice addition to the list of beautiful white sand beaches!

I truly heart Quezon Island and its best kept secret!

Children's Island

Our last stop is the Children’s Island, so called as such because of its shallow water safe enough for little children to swim. My kuya Mike and driver Cris enjoyed a dip in its water (which is not as clear as the waters in Quezon Island but perfect for swimming according to them).

I envy them so bad but I had to control myself (because I have to work in a while and may not be willing to leave after a few minutes in the water huhuhu). Well, I just went atop to lie down in a bamboo bed while taking more pictures of the beautiful islands.

Now, I have 120 more reasons to come back and enjoy cool crisp water, walk on fine sand and explore nature at its finest!!


  1. Never been there! Sayang, I think I would like snorkeling there pa naman.

  2. Aleah dear we can always go there anytime you are free! just 4 hour drive from manila and we are doing some work in Pangasinan till June maybe.


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