Thursday, February 17, 2011

Pangasinan Road Trip 6 : Alaminos : Home of the Hundred Islands!

by: Mhe-anne L. Ojeda

Alaminos City is the fourth city of the Province of Pangasinan by virtue of Republic Act No. 9025 (signed into law on March 5, 2001 and voted affirmatively by Alaminians on March 28, 2001). This coastal city is only 45 minute - drive from Lingayen, Pangasinan where we are doing some legal due diligence which is not yet finished until tomorrow.

Last Valentines Day, I watched on GMA news about some couples renewing their vows in one of the hundred isles of Pangasinan. A desire to have a glimpse (and take a few pictures from the coast) of the famous Hundred Islands inspired this sudden trip to Alaminos City.

I was so happy we took the trip. The 45 - minute drive along a zigzag road gave us a rustic ambience,with views of rice paddies and stretch of blue sea. We were definitely not bored (and not lost either)because before long we found ourselves posing at the coast of Brgy. Lucap which is the gateway to the famous tourist spot “Hundred Islands”.

Lucap (short for “lucan na ucap” or clam with open valve) is just 3 kilometers from Alaminos City. It is said to be a sanctuary of Limahong,a Chinese pirate and so we took this picture.

Lucap Port is also the main accommodation centre for the islands. There you can find the Tourist Center,Hundred Islands sign, souvenir shops and Count 100 statue! We were already satisfied with the pictures we have taken so we looked for a place to stay.

Alaminos City is undeniably a place to go for a stress-free break and spend the night with the breeze and temperature under the stars and serene seashore especially if you are staying at Maxine By The Sea! There was no available rooms though so we just took some photos and start the search.

We found a nice place at Villa Antolin, a homey, clean little hotel near Maxine By the Sea. The single occupancy was pegged at P1,500 and the double-bed room (for my brother and driver) was priced at P2000 both with cable TV, aircon and hot shower but the reception guy gave us a discount so we just paid Php 3000 for our rooms. (Not bad coz we would have paid almost the same price in Lingayen without the view). The owners (Antonio and Linda) are very nice people and the hotel staff are really friendly. They also have a nice package for a tour of the islands. We figured that if we can be in Lingayen at 11am, it would be alright so we decided to take the tour of the three major islands for Php 800. (same price if you are touring the island for the whole day).

Watch out for my blog entry of my first visit to the Hundred Islands tomorrow!

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