Monday, February 14, 2011

2011 Vday: Going on 14 Romantic Trips ...

by: Mhe-anne L. Ojeda

Today is Valentine’s Day! So that means I am with my prince (wait,I don't mean Turkey where Mark is currently traveling on business). But right here, in the comfort of my bed. Yes! I am taking a trip down memory lane on the romantic places my prince and I have been.

Immediately, 14 places, here and abroad, come to mind as I close my eyes. Each place is unique and romantic in its own way so I cannot do a ranking. Instead, I arrange the destinations close to my heart,as it flashed my mind! Then followed by a short poem, as and by way of far flung greetings for my prince!

1. Business and Pleasure in Cebu City, Philippines

"Came down to you as total strangers
Only wanted to learn about business contracting
Your charm however, captivated our feelings
And came back to Manila as soon- to - be lovers."

2. River Rafting in Cagayan de Oro

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Our lifevest is red.
The river is blue,
Our first date ever
River rafting in CDO.

3. Lovers in Paris, France

"Paris, at the Eiffel Tower
Oh, how romantic how thrilling
Fall's visit to Louvre and a river cruise
Forever backdrop as he proposed"

4. Chocolates and Cheers in Boston

"When in Boston on Valentines Day
My prince took me to Beacon Hill
There I found Mary chocolates from Brussels
And the setting for tv show called "Cheers"!

5. Venturing Uncharted Routes in Philippines (Quezon, Laguna & Rizal)

"Fun, excitement,thrilling discoveries
Rare experience - kaleidoscope of sceneries
Along Quezon, Laguna and Rizal, three provinces of bliss,
With my prince at the driver's seat, I'm the luckiest!"

6. Conquering the Great Wall of China (Beijing)

"The Great Wall of China, a Wonder of the World in Beijing
Admirable for its length, wonderful view atop Badaling
Conquered in cold January, warm clothing against its chilling wind
Was my sheer protection, plus that sweet kiss from my prince!"

7. A Touch of History in Corregidor

"A beautiful tadpole - shaped island
I could still hear thunderous roar of guns
At Malinta Tunnel,30-minute light-and-sound
With my prince, history and love abound."

8. Circle Line Sightseeing Cruise in Manhattan,New York

"A day I will never forget, in New York City
In February I've seen the Statue of Liberty
Aboard the Circle Line boat though a bit chilly
The skyline from the river,'twas fantastically pretty!"

9. Romancing Atop the Empire State Building in New York city

"The thrill of a lifetime
Breathtaking panoramas
Oozes with romance
Atop the Empire."

10. Surpringly Hoboken,New Jersey

"Oh the stillness of the night
And the beautiful views
Feeling the breeze and all its hues
Hoboken, New Jersey how about some clues?!"

11. Intriguing Amesterdam

"A great city to walk around,
For some romantic story line
Amsterdam's intriguing sights abound
Truly lovely and surely worth your dime."

12. Romantic Love at the City of Brotherly Love Pennsylvania
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"In the City of Brotherly Love
We shared lots of laughters and love
We also drove around two cities together
But to its famed cheese steaks I said never."

13. Pampering in Hongkong

"A truly unique pampering
Experienced in Hongkong's billeting
Executive hotel package boasting
Allowed unending sightseeing
Then treated to a jacussi and all, in the evening."

14. Venetian Hotel: Little Venice in Macau

"Since we cannot be in Venice the real mc coy
My prince brought me one day to Venetian Macao
Found canals, frescoes, even the Bridge of Sighs.
May not be worth Venice, but surely worth a try"


  1. mhe-anne, for the blog carnival it should only be in the philippines :)

  2. I love your blog!
    When can I come to visit,

  3. Thanks Estan. It has become clearer to me the purpose of the blog carnival after reading Aleah's compilation. I will join in future carnival when i have time. @ Tati, thanks for checking my blog. you are welcome to come here anytime.just let me know.would be nice to get toknow you.


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