Monday, January 3, 2011

Tiger Look At 2010...Wink Wink (Part II)

by: Mhe-anne L. Ojeda

As part of my new year tradition, I took the opportunity to do a tiger look (i.e examine intensely,I mean) on how the year of the Tiger went for me. Generally, I can say that 2010 was a good year, with Travels, Friends and Family standing out as common themes.

Today, I write the second part of this series and focus on how 2010 been for me as it relates to friends, those people whom I interact with, bring camaraderie, contentment and joy into my life.

True to what the Tigers sign is known for - friendly and loving, 2010 has been a year of happy occasions involving friends,reunions with old friends and meeting strangers (read as friends I haven't met).

I wouldn't forget the get-together with friends I haven't seen in ages during the beginning,middle and ending of the Tiger year. On January I had a reunion with church friends from Acacia Ward (Roy, Kaye, Liezel,Nida, Lloyd,Issel, and families), then in May, about 16 young single adult friends from my former ward Don Antonio, Fairview Stake came over for a summer fun-over night swimming-birthday party for Delilah Fernandez at my place, and in December, meeting my high school bffs (as in best friend forever Lanie,Anj and Alyz), dining with law students (now Attys. Yancy, Caron, Merz, Butch and Cheng) and wrapping the year with a dinner with law school friends (Jon, Joel,Liza and Aizel) .

My professional circles has also been enlarged through my participation as Secretary -General and then as Chair -Elect (starting August)of the J. Reuben Clark Law Society - Philippines Chapter,a member of the worldwide organization of Latter-Day Saints (LDS) lawyers and law graduates and those who believe in the mission statement professing religious conviction, public service and professional excellence.

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Noted also in 2010 was the increase of new friends I met through Couch Surfing both as host and as guest. I have tons of friends now in Canada, Vietnam, England, Australia, Malaysia, Kota Kinabalu, Cambodia, Taiwan, US, Singapore, and in the Philippines. Indeed, Couch Surfing is the best idea of conecting people and making new friends!

And well, what could have been a happier occasion involving friends than being in their weddings. For 2010 I have attended and participated in five (5) weddings either as principal sponsor, host or guest - cousin Lineth in April, Dale Tumulak in June, law students Jon Bernardo and Michelle in August, church friends Gracielle and Joseph Matthieu in November and Jojo and AA Riquera in December.

With all these wonderful people in my life, I couldn't help but feel lucky and ever grateful to Heavenly Father for the gifts of friendships He let me enjoy during my life's journey.

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